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Thanks to @fun2learn, I found what seemed like a forgotten journey back to my childhood and teenage hood. It made me reminisce back those good old times which I had with my fellow school mates which until today I'm proud to say that we're still very much in contact. Though work, marriage and family brought us apart but we were never far away from each other. We always kept in touch thanks to technology and for that it made us closer than ever.

Looking at the contest this week about Share Your Fond Memories, I found myself thinking back about many things that had happened during my coed school days. Being in a school with mixture of both boys and girls wasn't common during my time. There weren't many coed schools that time, so it was considered to be a privilege to be in one. Not to mention, I had my elder sister and brother in the same school as me. Most teachers knew me because of them; yeah they were the blue eye girl and boy since they were either the Smart A student or Athletic Speedster unlike me the plain, simple younger sister.


Thankfully, I had a group of school mates that always had my back in every occasion. We were the best during our prime time at the age of 15. We may not be the smartest in the amongst those in our age but our class 3 Azam was indeed the most creative in everything. 😆 There is so many fond memories of mine which I still remember. So, imagine just how hard it can be to just share one.

Choosing one to share, I decided on this.

Having PE, Physical Education is a mandatory part of our weekly class. And it's usually the first subject for us since we were in the morning session. (Due to the increased number of students, we were decided into morning and afternoon classes; ages 13 & 14 were in the afternoon while ages 15 till 17 were in the morning). As I was saying, we had our PE class and after a whole 40 minutes of outdoor activities under the hot blazing sun, we were all massively perspiring and we only had the 3 ceiling fans to cool ourselves down - shared by 40 high adrenaline teenagers!

The one difference in my class was we had a self made cement fish pond at the back of our class; minus the fish, it had all died since we weren't very good in caring for any pets. 🤣 Instead, we turned it into a small garden with very little plants in it. Anyhow, boys at this age can be very innovative and imaginative, I have to say. My classmates, as cheeky as they are gathered around the pond; each holding a self proclaimed music instrument and started singing out loud. The funny part was that the song was also self created; the boys were singing about the weather, the food, the life and everything that could fit into their lyrics. Reminiscing this memory brings laughter and joy to my face.

Believe it or not, most of us are still connected to each other because of Facebook but also because our school has an alumni; which sadly isn't as strong and active as it should be. I choose to believe that it is the unity of each other that kept us closely connected all these years and for many years to come. Unfortunately, one of my classmates passed away a few years back due to poor health. Guess, that's the journey of life for all of us which we can never avoid. What we can do is remember the joys we had and cherish every new single day that we have.😊


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Thank you for your participation in sharing your fond memories. It was nice that the contest had encouraged you to think about your school days and friends. You deserve a nice tip. 👍

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Your school uniform is identical to the one I used when I was in junior secondary school 😄

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