Life Under EXTREME Enhanced Community Quarantine (My Quarantine Story)

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I just found out about this contest by @derangedvisions. Since we have been under quarantine for more than two weeks, I want to share my quarantine story.

The Start of the Quarantine

Several days before the quarantine, our country's President announced community quarantine be imposed in Luzon Island, the largest area of the country, including the capital region of Metro Manila. I have no idea what to expect. All I know is we can still go out as long as we are wearing masks, and practice social distancing. That's why I can say I am not really prepared. We are also told to expect more uniformed personnels around for public order, and to remind people what to do

The President announced the start of community quarantine would be March 16.That day, I still went to the market, and I was told to buy some stocks so I did. In the evening, a long speech was made by the President. The quarantine was upgraded to ENHANCED Community Quarantine. I don't know what to expect. Perhaps a more stricter measures should be practiced. However, the media portrays it as a lockdown so I was worried, and I have no idea what will happen. We have outdoor activities to attend, and even our meetings in sign language might be affected too. The Enhanced Community Quarantine began by March 17.

The First Week

What I am doing is changing the schedules, and as directed, I eventually canceled all the plans for the week, and upcoming week. Each day, it gets stricter so people are confused. The government seemed unready. What worries me is the food to eat. Eventually, they stricted people going out with only one person per household to buy their daily needs.

What I Do During Quarantine

Since I couldn't go out, I just stayed at home. Most of the time I am working online, posting here, and there. Saving some money until quarantine ends. Of course, I do some chores to maintain cleanliness in the house as it is the most important nowadays to be away from getting sick.

Quarantine Upgraded to EXTREME Status

On the second week of the quarantine, I was shocked on a guy on his motorcycle telling everyone not to go out of the house. Then we learned that there's a person under investigation (PUI) who died in our village, suspected to have Covid19 after coming from Manila. Actually, their house is just 180 meters away from us. Imagine the anxiety it caused to everyone. That same day, our village was upgraded to EXTREME Enhanced Community Quarantine. It means we cannot go out of the village, as entry points are closes with blocks so no one will go out. Our schedule to go to the market was removed. Thus, the worry escalated because we don't feel the support of the government. No relief goods given for many days. Good thing, they set up a mobile market.


The first day of the mobile market, so there are only few vendors. It has improved but cannot provide all our needs.

We are hopeful that the PUI is negative, and the results of the test took about a week. During the first day, the government did disinfecting but I am not really satisfied with the disinfectant sprinkle only on the ground.

I was relieved that I don't have to worry with foods after my brother living from another village gave us kilos of meats. Since, it is only me and my brother, that's more than enough. Also, my good brother called us asking if we have something we need that he can buy for us, and he delivered them at the corner of the street because he is not allowed to enter.

Seven dayd after the death of the PUI, the result of the test was revealed, and it's positive. We are saddened, and they stricted us not to go out of the house. It's actually lockdown.

Food, and Cooking

I used to prepare foods in the house. It's a challenge what to cook with limited resources. Thus, I made some dishes I never cooked before.

With canned sardines cooked with tofu, carrots, and cabbage. This isn't difficult to prepare.

I mashed a can of meatloaf, spread it in pressed bread, rolled, dipped it in eggs, and fried.

Pork adobo with eggplants, and tofu. I am worried what to cook that day, and good thing I got that idea.

Finally got some meat. Thus, I made barbecue.

How about some grilled chicken.

Got an idea to cook the pasta. With canned tuna, tomatoes, carrots, onions, tomato sauce, tomato paste, sweet chilli sauce, and macaronis pasta as ingredients.

Those are just some of the foods I cooked.

Teaching in Sign Language

I might unable to visit my deaf students, I still found a way to teach them. That's through Zoom videoconferencing.

Two New Covid19 Cases

It's saddening since there are two new cases of corona virus in our village. The two of them had contact with the first patient, and are relatives. Thus, we are unable to go out of the village until the 14th. So the entire time of the community quarantine, our village is under lockdown or extreme status.

Hopes for a better day

For now, we are all hoping that everything will be okay. May the spread of the virus will stop, and our lives will be back to how it used to, and even better.

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Like everyone, I bet you are getting used to the lockdown. As long as we have food, we can be okay - and it certainly sounds like you are being creative with your cooking! I hope things return to normal soon - must have been scary having a case so close by.

pasensya na po sa tanong sir, sino nga po ulit yong pumanaw? jampol po ba yun? or ang orihinal na may ari nito, ikaw po ba? Pasensya kung medyo masama ang tanong.. curious lang po

Buhay pa po ako sir. Lol!

Si sir jampol yung namatay na. :(

ay o nga po, nataka ako.. pasensya na.. namiss ko na ang mga sulatan natin.. buhayin natin sir, pangulohan mo..