How I Am Spending My Quarentine

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Hello OCD Community,

Thank you for welcoming as a writer.

I have not been as active as I usually am on the blockchain because I am spending my quarantine working on evergreen writing projects. Projects at being relevant for long enough to pay $$$$ over and over again.

I have lots of ideas and thoughts and now I have the time to put them into action.


Here in San Diego, the rules are pretty lax. Local parks and playgrounds are closed, as are schools and libraries, bars and restaurants which I didn't frequent anyway are done with and pretty much anything that is not a grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, convenience store or dispensary, is closed.

Although much of everything is closed, I say the rules are lax, because if you do decide to leave your home, that's on you. Nobody is forcing you in. From what I understand, there are no fine. The worse that can happen, but I don't know anyone it has happened to, is getting asked by a police officer where you are going or what you are doing.

I am enjoying my quarantine time.

cornbread muffins before they go in the oven. Fresh bread doesn't last so long, and I only grocery shop every 2-3 weeks so home baked it is

My ebook has more pages than it ever has. My upcoming blogs, have many entries written. I am batching lots of work, and am loving that peakd lets me schedule posts. I am collecting my account creation tokens for onboarding, dreaming and acting more than I had in a very long time.

I am also cooking and cleaning like the stay at home mom I have always craved to be, and less like the haggard, tired, stressed out person who never really has enough time for everything I had become.

Some waffles I made last sunday - there will be a post with a recipe coming eventually... maybe

I have always made waffles from scratch, banana bread with my overripe bananas, dinner every night, and as much cleaning/organizing as possible. But now that I have the leisure of time, I find that I ENJOY these tasks. Enjoy cleaning the baseboards? Yup, that's me. Depending on what angle you clean them at, you can stretch your hips while doing it.

Simple Border Health Quote Instagram Post.png

The rewards aside from clean baseboards? A nice afternoon nap with the sun coming in through your window.

I also like that the kids (when they do get out of the house) take their shoes off at the door, and that I night, I clean said shoes.

I see a window, and it looks dirty, and I clean it. Just, like, that. I don't have to wait for the 100 errands I usually have to run, or to catch my breath cause there is so much other stuff do do.

I also receive texts on whatsapp all day long filled with silly memes like this

I can also sucker a kid into cleaning it for me in exchange for electronics time. There is no more guilt of how they had to go to wake up early for school, or spent time doing homework, or had a hard day, or have been running around, or are in need of a break. Life is on break, chores in exchange for electronics is good for everyone

A lot of time is spent distracting my children so that they stay off those mentioned electronics as much as possible. Truthfully, they still spend hours a day on them. But the also draw, clean, craft, play, read to mama, read to each other, and take looooooooong baths.

And that is how I am spending my quarantine. Enjoying my time, and getting lots and lots of much needed rest. How much rest exactly? I have found that being pregnant and pushing forty means there is no such thing as too much rest.

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Glad that you still have a little bit of freedom here it’s total lock down not that people listen but okay still means Marshall law!

Gosh I’ve always wanted to try corn bread! I feel like I should literally starve myself for a month and then go to america and tell eveyeone I’m a starving kid from Africa and then get to eat all the yummy stuff and go back home chubby and happy

Corn bread is easy, if you have corn meal.

You wouldn't have to starve yourself for a month ... you are probably naturally thinner than most Americans so you would get fed regardless.

Yes, it is very lucky that we don't have cops or soldiers threatening to do what is best for us. Sometimes, for the sake of close family, I wish rules were more stringent. Some family members keep leaving their home unnecessarily and some of them are elders themselves, while we have elders (80's) in our family who need the extra protection.

I tell myself to worry only about myself often, and work on not telling others what to do...

Thanks for visiting.

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Heres some earthquake delegation of 25000 sandpower lol 4.9 in anza borrego

Thank you :)