31SentenceContest Round 22 – Oivas’ Entry

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This story is an entry to @tristancarax’s 31Sentence Contest. The contest is exclusively on Hive.

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Here is the expected sentence order:

18, 19, 4, 31, 8, 14, 23, 28, 26, 22, 25, 13, 26, 21, 27, 16, 29, 17, 2, 7, 20, 15, 11, 10, 3, 6, 30, 5, 9, 1, 12


The Old Dreams

The stinking water seeping through the walls had worn-off the shoddy mortar work revealing the cracked concrete bricks. His last encounter had led Arnold to reflect on his life and the dreams he had as a child.

“You have a visitor.”

Arnold’s thoughts were momentarily interrupted by Sherman’s coarse voice echoing through the floor, but he managed to gather the fragments of his muddled past and painstakingly pieced them together back again. He had all but forgotten those childhood days.

Walking through the noisy corridors reminded him that stinking walls were never the dream. Growing up in a neighbourhood where scarcity was the only abundant thing, Arnold wanted to be a doctor, helping those in dire need.

“You have fifteen minutes, thanks to your influential friend out there,” Sherman bellowed as they reached the end of the corridor, “see if meeting him helps you good.”

Arnold always thought that Sherman was the kind-type, the one who was not fit for his job and cared too much for those he should not.

“I will,” Arnold got thinking that Sherman was the person that as a child he hoped that he would one day become. Arnold zoomed to the recent past when he mugged that Asian chap and punched him unconscious to flee the scene, only to be caught later. But fate had a way of dealing with the hopeless and the damned.

At the trial, Arnold was carefree, awaiting his inevitable judgement, something that he had grown accustomed to, but what he wasn’t ready for was the judge.

“You can speak in your defence Arnold if you wish,” the judge gave an unusual permission, but Arnold was in defiance.

“Only if you had become a doctor, Arnold,” the judge touched a raw nerve which brought Arnold’s fake world crumbling down and left him gasping for breath.

Tears swelled as Arnold was choking, “It’s you,” he said and was holding himself from crying.

“Yeah, it’s me, James, your best pal from school,” the judge said, and Arnold could hold no more and let the child come out and cry out his heart. Arnold’s past flooded his mind, his wrong decisions and the wrong choices, which made him a convict.

“It’s you.”

“He was the best back in school. The nicest kid with the kindest dreams to make a difference to this cruel world,” the judge said about Arnold.

“Alright, you are on your own now,” Sherman got Arnold back to the prison door.

Arnold approached the lawn, “never thought I would see you again.”

“Never thought I would see you over here,” James said.

“I f*cked up.”

“What happened after I left, Arnold?”

“I think that’s what happened,” Arnold said, “you left, I found new friends, bad company, bad jobs and peers asking me to do things that I never dreamed of doing.”

“You can still change buddy.”

Arnold sighed and picked up a fallen chick, “how?”

“Hmm. Help people like that chick and see your old dreams coming alive.”


Image Courtesy: @tristancarax

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You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate your fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

Thank you @bananafish! :)

I suppose I've been fortunate enough to have enough sense to stay away from large crowds of negative people that would have gladly turned me into a crime monster. I've only had a few people in my life that were extremely manipulative but I was smart enough to get out of that too.

I fortunate enough that I haven't turned to some really hard drugs that would lead me to a life of crime - how I've done this is a question.

I once asked a judge that I worked with to help me out with some cash to further help me, which would have gone to the conned artist (I disregarded all signs of this at the time). The judge laughed after a few questions because I couldn't give him all the details to the con-artist's secret plans (mainly, the con artist was purchase weed, buying shoes, going clubbing, and such with the money that I was giving him). haha.

Oh, man, that would have had to do with some incredible levels of self-awareness and discipline, @tristancarax... Peer pressure can lead you to do so many stupid things and friends from the wrong side of goodness, can be crazy! I am so glad you chose the right things..

The judge episode was hillarious. Maybe, he saw through the con-artist through your story than you did. Smart of him! :)