Success Story || Thanks to Quarantine Situation..

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Finally today I am happy after a long time. I was dealing with my tax identification number and finally, everything is okay today. Let me tell you the full story then you will be able to understand the overall situation that I was dealing with.

To be honest it was stress, the real stress.


When a student comes in Kharkiv city through an agent, he or she has to deal with a lot, from immigration to university admission, she/he has to go through a long run. When I first came here, I came here through an agent, well two things were in my mind. First, I was determined about my post-graduation, second permanent resident at any cost because I knew, if I don't have that permanent residence card, I am nothing here.

My agent tried his best to make my way rocky, stressful and hard. He took a lot of money in fact my entire university was corrupted. Somehow I got my residence card and I got my freedom but not fully. Every case, my university considered my agent as a guardian and my agent took a lot of money for every sort of document work.

They don't take local currency, they consider everything into $$$...


The language was a barrier for me, but after staying 2 years here in Ukraine, I have learned a little bit Russian, can speak and understand. I managed somehow but basically I needed courage.

From, past few weeks I was dealing with my Bankcard, I made my account when I came here on the basis of my passport, so it is the non-resident card and the external deposit was off according to the national bank of Ukraine. Wow, again I have to change my status and for them, I needed Tax code, which nobody told me.

It was an agent's game, somehow he wanted me to be in trouble so that I call him and request him to do this work for me by giving him some money.

But due to the quarantine issue, somehow I have decided to deal with this issue of my own.


I took help from one of my Ukrainian friends about this matter and she gave me all the instructions. Later, last Monday I decided to visit the State Tax office but all public transports were off. So, I took the taxi and went there and sealed with the Ukrainian Form Fillup. Another language loll but thanks to google translate.

Now, today, finally I got my identification code as a Ukrainian and now I am ready to deal with my bank accounts as a resident of Ukraine.

I know for many of you, it's not a big deal but for me, it's a big deal.

Because I am a girl who never deal with documents or any sort of government works alone...

I managed the language, I managed to write the Ukrainian format, I managed to talk Russian and managed to do the entire process properly without any help...

Thanks to quarantine for saving my money...

Otherwise, my agent would have ripped me off...





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Thank you...

Nice to see you managed to get out of that situation.

Bureaucracy is the number one enemy of an immigrant, that's for sure. It's already complicated enough if you're a local... but to immigrants, it's a real nightmare. 🙄


Interesting that quarantine helped you to save some bucks

To be honest, yes, almost 50$ :P