Ulog#301 My Last walk around Burnham Park- before the quarantine

Wednesday Walk

This may be my last time that I'll be going out for a walk because of the Virus that's spreading. Here in our City we are already in Enhanced Community Quarantine as ordered by our President. Our local government unit told us that whenever we go out we should secure a permit from our Barangay and tell them where are we going. They are actually strict here, there are a lot of checkpoints.
I saw this posters posted in a waiting shed. Here are some guidelines that our Department of Health posted. We should always practice Proper Hand washing and they even made an acronym for POWER
P- Practice cough and sneezing etiquette
O- Obtain information only from verified sources such as the DOH and WHO
W- Wash you hands regularly and avoid touch your face with unclean hands
E- Eat Nutritious food and stay hydrated
R- Refrain from going to crowded places; refrain from going out when you're not feeling well or with any respiratory symptoms

While waiting for my girlfriend I took a random photo. That vehicle that you can see is one of our public utility vehicles called a Jeepney. It's the cheapest way to go to places. During this quarantine they also stopped this vehicles from operating.

Instead of staying in the street and inhaling the
emissions of the cars that passed by. I decided to wait for her near this field called Melvin Jones.


There was a game of soccer going on which kept me entertained while waiting for her. There's one thing that I noticed about he people playing. I'm actually surprised that there were a lot of foreigners playing with our locals. It's a very nice sight to see all of them having fun.
While watching them I was looking a the role of the goal keeper. I wonder how does it feel just staying there and guarding the net. It looked so lonely when they are all at the other side.

I also commend the goal keepers, they play a vital role. It's was amazing to see the skills of this guy. He had a lot of stops. I also looked closely and I noticed he was just wearing slippers.
The species of these trees were the same as the tree behind me blocking the sun light. I just love how they branched out.

This was the left side of the park from my view, you could actually see SM City Baguio.

We went through Burnham park again and compared to last week, there were less people because people were discourage to go out.

It was nice going for a walk.
The building in front is our City Hall.

This is one thing that I like about this City. They are doing their best to make it a plastic free Environment. They encourage us to use reusable bags whenever we buy stuff.

The bike lanes aren't filled up right now. It seemed like the best time to ride a bike.

This is the Ibaloi Heritage park. It is used as a parking space. They don't hold that much events in this place as I recall.
I was wondering what was in this Huge metal object. When I went closer I couldn't read what it says. I have a feeling it's in Alibata. I also have a feeling that it's a quote by one of our heroes named Andres Bonifacio.
We went to the Our Lady of Lourdes Church. This is the Grotto of this Church.
The first thing that you'll see as you enter the Church is the beautiful Altar. I didn't think that this would be the last mass that I would be attending. Because of the quarantine, we are not allowed to have mass gatherings already. I just hope and pray that there will be a cure soon and that it won't affect your/our loved ones. Stay safe guys!
Thanks for reading!


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I think over the next few weeks many around the world will be getting out for less walks, but if it can stop the virus spreading it is a good thing
A nice walk you had and what a beautiful church

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)