Fire Woods Saves A Lot In Times Of Crisis

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Hello everyone!

Have you ever experience using fire woods in cooking foods?


Did you know that it helps and saves a lot in times of crisis?

When there is no gas or no gas stove at home, the fire woods helps and saves the family. Most especially in times of crisis such as the pandemic we are experiencing now.

When you have nothing to buy for gas just look for woods in your backyard or any woods that is useful to create fire in cooking foods.

In the picture above, I was able to create fire using a lighter, a piece of paper and fire woods from the backyard where my brother live. And was able to cook food for the day.

Those who are using fire woods from the very start will have no problem of where to get money and where to buy gas for the stove.

Using fire woods is more cheap than using gas stove. But using fire woods is more messy than using gas stove. It is alright at least it helps and saves a lot.

Most importantly, fire woods gives us convenience in cooking foods. 'Coz we do not problem of going out to look for a store that is selling gas. It helps us minimize of going out this time of pandemic. When running out of budget, the money to use in buying gas can be use in buying foods for another more days.

Also, fire woods gives more tastiness to the foods we are cooking. 😀😀😀

Therefore, having no gas stove is not a problem at all. We can survive with the basic use of fire woods just like the old times.

Fire Woods Helps and Saves a Lot In Times of Crisis!

I am proud using fire woods! 😀😀😀

If you are reading this post and you are using fire woods as well, Be proud of it! 😀😀😀

Have a great day to all!



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