Barefoot on the Roof!

in hive-174578 •  2 months ago 

So what do you do when the tiles on the roof need to be cleaned?

Ask your wife to do it nicely of course!


It helps that she doesn't weigh that much and has excellent balance even with bare feet.

The tiles were cleaned and I even got a big smile.

What more can a man ask for?


This is a STEEM reprint of a post from almost 2 years ago. - Getting her on the roof today would be hard work, how things have changed!



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Not much chance of getting my missus on the roof, but ours is a bit higher.

Little chance of getting @bingbabe up there these days, it's full of moss again and needs another clean.

Bro is that really your wife?

You sound shocked, yes that's @bingbabe, my wife.

Very interesting! They have some stuff you can just spray on the moss and then it dies and washes away with the rain.

I'm in the drooling lunatic category.