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I ran a bulletin board in 1990’s for maybe two years and someone I met via this now primitive pre-internet society named ‘Joey’ as I remember but acting under the handle ‘Black Spyrit’ was generous enough to donate this fantastic wolf ANSI art for my logon screen.

Many years went by and The Demon’s Forge closed its’ doors. The backups I created on floppy disks seemed to disappear and I feared this art was lost. From time to time I looked in vain on the internet hoping some retro ANSI site had a copy of the ‘wolf’.

Then around two weeks ago a good friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page. Wow, the memories all came back in a rush. My wolf had returned!

You can see the art is dated 07/01/1991 ACiD; ACiD along with iCE were the artistic groups of that time and they really had some talent. To be an ACiD member you had to be an artist!

My claim to fame on this particular work is the lettering at the bottom, ‘The Demons Forge’. My skill in computer artwork is almost non-existent but even I managed this!

ACiD it seems are still around and you can see their past art here:


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Hah, I remember ACiD. I used some of the warez installers that they did the art for. Good stuff.

Yeah they were great, iCE too.


I wonder how much of that old art got preserved. Stuff gets lost on old floppies that you may struggle to read these days. Anyone got a 5.25" drive?

I had a backup of the whole BBS on 2 x 3.5' floppies. Wish I still had them, by 1991 we had moved off 5.25' ones. I have a 3.5 unit on an old PC in the loft.