Kindly Turn My Ulog-Quotes Into T-shirt Designs. (10 HIVE Per One!)

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As i don't have much financially currently, I would like to put out '100 HIVE and 100 STEEM' for a total of 20 simplistic (graphic) designs (i.e 10 STEEM/10 HIVE per accepted design.)

These are t-shirt designs, thus, should be formulated in a way that it fits in the mid section of a t-shirt.

Below, i will provide you a list of ulog-quotes that you will turn to designs. I also provided some extra quotes, incase you feel that some of the quotes are too lengthy.

Where you decide that you can do all, you can indicate in the comments. I will likely as you to do one first and see if i will like you to do all. However, i have opened this to others using a post to have more options because i need these designs ASAP. So, i will likely choose entries that are nice and come in ASAP.

Here are some samples:


  • Your entry should be high quality e.g PNG
  • Submit to copies for each, one without background and one with background.
  • (Optional): You can subscribe to the Ulogs community and post your entry in a ulog (for a resteem to 16k followers and some votes)

Where you fill that a quote is too long, you can tell me and i can give your a shorter variation or change it. Alternatively, you can look at the 'extras' to see if you can find a replacement there.

If you decide to contribute some designs e.g help design the 'extras' too, that'll be awesome.

10 Ulogs-quotes - 10 STEEM each!

  1. "There is a growing rarity in the 'great men' industry." @surpassinggoogle
  2. "If you are too-too-too predictable, who are you." @surpassinggoogle
  3. "When you have seen many things, many things become ordinary." @surpassinggoogle
  4. "Your greatness lies in the unshakeableness of your substance." @surpassinggoogle
  5. "Dirt is good; ask the soap-master." @surpassinggoogle
  6. "The only thing 'time' knows how to do, is fly by." @surpassinggoogle
  7. "Add some 'English' into the Math." @surpassinggoogle
  8. "I will forgive you a hundred times." @surpassinggoogle
  9. "Nations are merely locations." @surpassinggoogle
  10. "Look at money till it loses its gaze; it will come to Papa!" @surpassinggoogle


  • "You are celebrity, for i am your fan." @surpassinggoogle
  • "Where the world is headed is scary." @surpassinggoogle
  • Want to know what is on Bingo's mind? Start by asking it!
  • "May social distancing not linger post-corona." @surpassinggoogle

  • 10 Ulog-quotes - 10 HIVE each

    1. "Greatness is not so clean." @surpassinggoogle
    2. "Humanity is the brother next to you." @surpassinggoogle
    3. 'Pursuit of happiness' is a marketing terminology. @surpassinggoogle
    4. "Courtesy of your shine, lights can go right inside tunnels." @surpassinggoogle
    5. "Mine your human." @surpassinggoogle
    6. "Fix the tears with some teardrops." @surpassinggoogle
    7. "Buy skyscrapers and gift them out." @surpassinggoogle
    8. "Return value to humans." @surpassinggoogle
    9. "Humans are un-ordinary." @surpassinggoogle
    10. "Everyone has something to offer." @surpassinggoogle


    Note: the example designs above are just samples. Feel free to express your own creativity, ulog-style. Flaws allowed!

    Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears...


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    Do well to subscribe to UloggersTV and turn on notifications and whenever you are ready, say 'you have ordeal' or say 'you are seeking the ever-missing piece of your puzzle on any subject or industry' including 'Blockchain etc', kindly contact me on '' and we will work together within the course of one live-stream (dedicated to you), whereupon i will share my insight as a 'legitimate illiterate', share my screen to help you with tangible online resources that can help you further and share the resources that i have, whatever is available. We will find solutions today!

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    Hey there. I have been having trouble curating/blogging on marlians.

    It was briefly working through steem today although I saw the announcement that it was moving to hives.

    I have 100,000 staked marlians and would love to curate ulogs again, please let me know the best way to do it :)

    Had my daughter on May 27! She is precious and lovely, but takes up a lot of time so please spoon feed the info to me! Thank you.

    Hope you get lots of really cool t-shirt graphic submissions.

    So awesome. May she be blessed. Hopefully i can reach you when you are free. Been curating on ulogs community on hive and steem. The one here is growing a bit. Like 230 subscribers now. The move as well, i will give you update in the chat. I didn't know your were about to give birth during those times. Now i know. Thank you for telling me. I will check on you in the chat.

    These have been completed, submitted and paid so far!!!

    • "Humanity is the brother next to you.
    • Mine your human
    • "Return value to humans.
    • Humans are un-ordinary."
    • "Everyone has something to offer."
    • Do you? Who are you?
    • Nations are merely locations.
    • Fix the tears with some teardrops
    • Dirt is good; ask the soap master
    • "When you have many things, many things become ordinary"
    • Greatness is not so clean

    Adding one more entry to the list:

    "May social distancing not linger post-corona." @surpassinggoogle

    "Humanity is the brother next to you.
    Mine your human
    "Return value to humans.
    Humans are un-ordinary."
    "Everyone has something to offer."
    Do you? Who are you?
    Nations are merely locations.

    These have been done so far.

    T shirt design

    No background

    With white background

    Looks good. I have selected this. If you want to continue though. Can you please do one more and show here, then i will decide for more. After which you can give me quickly a list of what you will like to do, so i can tell others here. I didn't know i will get a reaction and others are submitting too

    I will do another design

    I choose these quotes

    "Dirt is good; ask the soap master"

    "When you have many things, many things become ordinary"


    Is it possible to send me the high quality copies to my email ''. Here the resolution is so low

    Or perhaps i just chose from among your and others if that is okay? What do you think?



    So what do you think sire?

    Hi bro. I am sure i didn't organize this well. You did well but someone already did this. I didn't reaction will be too fast. I left a comment above showing what has been done so far and it started coming in so fast. See the comment above. I will look for how to compensate your participation somehow though. Look at the comment first though and reply. The person reached me in chat and was very fast

    No problem sire

    I would do another and the extras if thats okay.

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    Thank you Terry for this opportunity. I would surely make my designs even though I'm not a professional.

    Quick one: do i just make a design for one or all ten quotes and also, do i submit it under this post or as a new post entirely?

    The post is just bonus. There is no loss in doing it. I wouldn’t know if you should do for all or many until I have seen one at least to know your style. I am on Facebook etc, you can do a quick one and show me. Then it will be possible to know. The designs aren’t like full blown designs. The words make most of the design.

    Alright sire.

    I will try making one now and share to you on Facebook.

    Okay bro. terry.ajayi.1



    Hahaha bro. Thank you for trying. The issue is this. These are mostly words, you know, not full-blown designs and in these words are the message of the design. Being a shirt that people just see passively, it is important for the words to be catchy and with context. You are really doing well but this fits better with say a webpage that people will spend time on to look. On a shirt considering that i want to pass a big message even passively, the words need to carry context design-wise

    I do understand perfectly



    Well I think I can make as much as you want, but let me show you what I just did first.


    Awesome one. Oredebby, let your creativity set it.😉

    Lets do this!

    Second T shirt design

    With white background

    Without background

    Hi izaid, can you please help me add like a 'dirt or dust' effect to the word dirt and perhaps to soap as well. just to highlight the keywords a bit more. you can just use color.

    Also please look at the top comment of this post to see what has been done for now.

    Okay sure no problem! I will change it

    The other one still coming? I have taken the two already but i don't know if these are the high quality copies already or if you will need to send those separately

    Here is the third t shirt design

    Thank you. Anyway to put in the SurpassingGoogle? Are you Facebook?

    Here is the updated version with surpassinggoogle. No facebook

    Thank you. Will you still do more? Are these the high quality copies? Can I download this or do you still have to send copies of it?

    How about now?

    With white background

    Without Background

    Hahaha thank you. Sorry to stress you but can you use say brown shade like dust instead of black.

    Just to clarify.Brown shade on the word DIRT. Is that right?


    Here is the new one

    Thank you

    or brown shade on the background?