[CLOSED]Art Raffle|Milestone: Over 2 Years on Steemit

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Oh my god I almost posted an incomplete ver of the post I've never been so glad to have crappy internet but at the same even though it doesn't show up in my blog or anything, I'm kinda scared uhh an incomplete ver of this didn't show up on anyone's feed right??

Okay okay that aside, been here for over 2 years whoo! Goddamn time goes by so fast. Even though I don't wanna do the "gift for steemit person I like/grateful for" again like last time because I took way longer on that than I should(I don't wanna go through that again dsfjksdf) I still wanted to do something special for this so I decided I'm gonna hold an art raffle! Anyone interested to join, please be sure to read the rules and all that I'll put at around the later half of this post
Headshot coloured sketch p.png
So what you'll win is a coloured sketch headshot similar to what you're seeing in the pic above(that I'll also show the progress shots for soon) though results may vary depending on what chara you want me to draw. I don't know how many peeps over here are interested in that kind of stuff aahh this is only my second time holding an art raffle(first time was in deviantart and it was a bit of a messtear) But I really do hope peeps join huu

Before I show the sample raffle prize progress shots lemme just throw some non-existent confetti to celebrate being here for over 2 years


Now that that's out of the way, time for progress shots

Headshot coloured sketch a.png
Headshot coloured sketch b.png
Headshot coloured sketch c.png
Headshot coloured sketch d.png
(This raffle sample is of my OC, Nup by the way~)

And let's head on to the rules and stuff


Comment "I wanna join the raffle"(or something along those lines)
AND either give a pic or name of who you want me to draw if you were to win the raffle
It can be your OC, a chara from a show/book/anime or even a pic of yourself(please bare in mind of my art skills though. I'm not good at drawing muscular/old/mecha characters)
You're allowed to change what chara you want to be drawn so long as you do it BEFORE THE RAFFLE ENDS(just edit your comment)

You DON'T have to be a follower
In fact this raffle has two categories, one for the peeps who follow and another for peeps who don't! So that means there'll be two coloured headshots. So whichever category you're in, please don't follow/unfollow AFTER you make your comment while this raffle is open to avoid confusion. You're free to do that when the raffle is over

(OPTIONAL)Ways to get extra raffle numbers
Upvote this post(+1), Resteem it(+1), Tell me a show you like(+1|MAX: 3)(You can list as many shows as you want but the most number of extra tickets you can get from that is 3. Oh and it's okay if someone commented the same show since people can like that same show)

Here's a template you can use

With explanation:
I wanna join the raffle
-Followed/Not following(please state which one you are)
-Character I'd like to be drawn: [insert picture/name+name of show/book if they belong in one]
(If it's your OC, please link/put the reference photo of them. Don't use pictures of fanart that don't belong to you. Again, only stating their name and source material is also okay! Oh, if it's a pic of you please also state that)
-Contact: [discord/email/twitter(make sure your dms are open/etc.)]
This is so that I can send an unwatermarked ver of your prize! This is not 100% a must to be given now, you could also send me at the end of the raffle if you win
-[OPTIONAL]Upvoted/Resteemed/Show I like[Insert show]

Without explanation:
-Followed/Not following
-Character I'd like to be drawn:
-[OPTIONAL]Upvoted/Resteemed/Show I like

▸Winners can use their prizes however they want EXCEPT claiming the drawing as their own work/removing my signature/selling it(either through merch or selling the art itself|Using it for sites like steemit is okay!)

How it's gonna work/Example

Example comment:
-Not following
-Character I'd like to be drawn: Kenny from South Park
-Contact: username @ twitter
-Show I like: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend(I didn't like it that much at first but it grew on me)

And then I'll reply with your raffle number. Since this did the extra thing, the numbers it gets is: 1, 2(Not following category)

Then once the raffle is done, I'll use random(dot)org to pick the winners' number, get to drawing and then post it/send the winner their art


Sorry if what I wrote is pretty lengthy, I hope it's understandable enough and not that confusing. Well, that's it for the post! Thanks for checking it out and joining the raffle if you are! Goodnight~

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Great art she's super cute ! Also love the confetti :p

I don't really want to join the raffle, as I don't really have any character I'd like to be drawn but I like the idea. Congrats for the two years on steem :)

Thank you! Haha gotta have that confetti when celebrating stuff

And it's fine! Thank you for checking out my post though~

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I don't think I saw anything unfinished, but I've missed a bit ^_^;

Did the resteemy thing so hopefully you'll get more people in your raffle :) (not that I'm much help but I try XD)

Congratulations on 2 years and yay for confetti lol XD

I'll join the raffle I guess. If I win draw spodey and scrawly, I'm a big fan of theirs ;D

Ohh okay that's a relief! It was the first time I accidentally pressed post on an unfinished thing so it made me panicked a lil'
Thank you so much Reeree! Don't think I've ever seen a drawing a scrawly herself though? Also it's suppose to be one headshot per winnersweats Uhhh is it okay if you choose one of them- God that sounds weird to say I'm sorry fdkjhdfs

But pffft high five for being a fan of scrawly and spidey!

Your numbers:
Comment(+1), Upvote(+1),Resteem(+1)
[Follower category] 1, 2, 3

Should have been OR not and, sorry ^_^; Either one is fine XD

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

@thilah I want to start drawing as well, so I am glad I've found your great blog. Hope I will find some inspiration here, followed as well ✌️

I also wanna join the raffle. It would be cool if you would draw Maeve from" Sex Education" 🙈😅


Go for it! Just start on drawing whenever you feel like it~ And aww thank you so much!

Your number:
[Follower category] 4

Congratulations @thilah!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 10 with $ 40,77

Congratulations of your 2nd year here in the Steem community, and what a huge Steemit birthday gift for your post too!
I'd probably need one for my caricature alter-ego account; but I actually have no idea which series to look on yet but I guess I would give it a try.

I wanna join the raffle

  • Followed
  • Character I'd like to be drawn: Jane Doe from Blindspot

(If it's your OC, please link/put the reference photo of them. Don't use pictures of fanart that don't belong to you. Again, only stating their name and source material is also okay! Oh, if it's a pic of you please also state that)

  • Contact: you know where to find me 😋 in the discord.
  • Upvoted.

PS: The post looks pretty ok to me.

Thank you!!! And ahh, I wasn't referring to this post exactly, it's just that while I was working on it, I accidentally pressed post but stopped it in time but I was scared that I didn't actually stop it in time and the incomplete ver of it still showed in peeps' feed(though I guess I did stop it in time thank god)

Your numbers:
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[Follower category] 5,6

So my ticket number is 5 and 6? 🤔


I am interested in the art raffle!
I am not a follower but i will soon be one. (No worries, as you said to avoid confusion i will follow after the raffle ends ^^)
Character I would like to be drawn is my oc. His name is Nev and he is the playful and chill type of guy.


You can contact me through twitter (aoicchii12) or my email, (kitsunenao1210@gmail.com) .
My favourite show is probably Harry Potter.

Hi thanks for joining my raffle~ Oh my god your OC is so cute!!!

Your numbers:
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[Not Follower category] 1, 2

Congrats on 2 years in Steemitland! Woohoo!
Love the idea of a little raffle! Your artwork is adorbs and I think anyone would be happy to have something custom from you!
-Character I'd like to be drawn: an OC (formerly known as "Lelia", currently undergoing a name change) from my comic book. She's got bright red hair, and is an Earth elemental.
seen here, here, here, and here.
-Contact: I'll let you know if/when needed ;)
-Show I like: Avenue 5

Thank you~! And ohh, your OC looks cool! And good luck with the name change! I sometimes have trouble picking a name for my characters

Though- I'm very sorry I can't give you your numbers yet, I tried checking if you were a follower and I can't seem to find you-

Maybe it's just my end being wonky and not showing your name or maybe the follow didn't properly go through. Can you maybe screenshot my profile to show that you follow me?

Ah so weird! I've been watching your artwork for a while, but when I went into your profile it didn't show as following, so I think maybe when I was clicking around last time (fighting with my browser) I might've accidentally unfollowed. Heh heh. ^__^; Anywho, sorry about that! I've REfollowed, and here's a screencap.

Ahh okay thank you!

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[Follower category] 7, 8, 9