Monomad Challenge - Family Portraiture

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In live we all get attached at some point to particular interest. This is a deciding factor as to whether we change or not. We suddenly pick interests in certain fields which redifine the way we think and overall shape our life. My life for the past two years has revolved around photography. Mostly, the portrait aspect of photography. I never enjoyed posting or sharing my work to other people apart from the clients who booked for my expertise till now.

B&W photography is a new field i am experimenting on to become perfect. That is why i am using the Monomad challenge to facilitate that. Below are portraits of my family on an outing day.


We were on our way to Berekum, a town in the Brong Ahafo region of Ghana. My father has very few pictures of himself so i decided to take some portraits of himself. This is to get a library of photos. In an attempt to make these memories, his grandchildren came in to take over the photoshoot session.

The smile here isnt purely natural as i had to cause him to smile. One tip as a photographer that i have grown fond of is to capture moments of joy in peoples life. An art is as lively as the subject. As such i prefer most of my portraits with a smile.

Angel and Nana Esi are quite good with the camera. Angel wants to become a model and poses like one when given the chance. You can see the flare in their pose in the subsequent pictures.


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Contest Rules:
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