My PhonePhotography #1: Nature Inspired

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Hello there,


Image taken and edited by @tomlee

So waking up this morning, I decided to appreciate nature by taking a few snapshots with my mobile phone. It's been long I did nature photography📷 though because I'm not a professional photographer and I don't really like to snap so to say.

So, while sweeping my backyard today, I was attracted by this maize plant I planted months ago and it has grown into maturity, bringing forth seeds. I just had to stop sweeping and pick up my phone and then I took the picture, edited it still with my phone as shown above.

You know, nature is really admirable and we should always do what we can to preserve it rather than destroy it. The picture captures a maize fruit and the blue sky. With this image, I am encouraging us to not forget agriculture as it is the foundation of everything.

I love nature. I love green. I love farming!

How about you? What do love? Answer with a picture!!

I just hope you love the photo and you can use it as well so long as you reference me😃. Very important ✌️

Here is the initial and unedited version of the photo...


Details of the photo...

Phone: Infinix Hot 8 LTE
Camera: 8.0 Mega Pixel
Distance: 3.50mm
Dimension: 3264 * 2448
Date: May 23, 2020
Others: f/20 1/3367 ISO112


I hope you like my photography and I would appreciate your feedbacks as well. Expect a nature photography and series from me.

Meanwhile, stay safe!

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This looks beautiful
Nice one

Thank you Prechy!
Been a while