What It Really Takes To Build Influence

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Influence is defined as the capacity to have an effect on the behaviour of someone else.

Pretty powerful when you think about it.

Everyone wants to build influence.

But only a few put in the work.

You often see markets getting saturated.

No matter what industry you are in...

The participants look around and think there is a lot of competition.

But look closer.

How many of those people are actually serious?

When you look closer, you'll often see most of the people have half foot in and half foot out.

They are lollygagging & moving in circles.

But are they elevating?

Nah, not all of them.

Only a few are.

That's why Pareto Principle is the principle of human nature.

It's always just a few who rise to the top.

There are hundreds of soda companies around the world.

But there is only one Coca Cola.

There are tons of players in the NBA.

But only a few superstars.

There are tons of online retail companies.

But only one Amazon.

You get the point.

The reason Pareto principle holds true time and time again is because human nature always kicks in.

-Laziness is a subconscious act.

-And hard work is a conscious one.

Humans are wired to take the path of least resistance.

Aka... the subconscious route.

When I was a little kid, I wondered why the richest people on Earth just didn't spread out their money to everyone in the world.

In that case, everyone would win! Right?

Nah, wrong.

The same people will end up getting their money back.

It's because money is simply a byproduct of their knowledge, street smarts & habits.

They are wired this way.

Not saying the people who are less fortunate don't deserve the money.

What i'm saying is that the solution isn't always as easy as it seems.

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Which brings me to the title of the article.

How does one build influence?

By showing up everyday.

There should be a path that you are walking.

And each day you should be taking a minimum of a step.

That's it.

One day, you'll take 30 steps.

Another day, you'll take 1300 steps.

And one day, you'll take 1 step.

All good.

All the steps are adding up in the right direction.

As you take these steps, others are going to get curious & be like:

'Hmm.... where is this fellow walking? And why are they walking with such conviction? Hm... they may be onto something! I'll follow em.'

And that bystander will follow you.

It just begins with 1 follower.

Humans follow humans who are followed by other humans.

That's another life law.

When I got my first follower on Steemit, I was happy.

But he was my best friend. He was supposed to follow me.

All good. A follower is a follower.

And its just been a matter of staying consistent every day.

Now I have 900+ followers.

This isn't to brag.

But to show you that it's all about having a vision & taking incremental steps towards that vision.

Influence is simply a byproduct of you following a genuine passion.

They look at you & wonder how you make it look so easy.

But little do they know... you are just having fun.

If i didn't have a single follower or daily upvoter, i'd still do what i do.

It's because I enjoy it.

Ask yourself if you are enjoying what you do.

I've never shitted on people who have a 40 hour a week job like a lot of people on steemit.

Because if you enjoy something, you enjoy it.

If influence is what you're chasing, then you are playing the wrong game.

Chase your best self.

Everything else is secondary.

That's how you play a game that others are too blind to see.

Till tomorrow

Trilston 💲

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Hi Tony! I have talked to you privately, and I know you are frustrated.

I am wondering, would you be willing to write a post about this experiece? I am tempted to think that this type of post you do is genuine. Your flaggers tell me, how can we trust him?

I've seen your corn, I think, I'd like to see you use more selfie or at least original photos in your posts. Let me know what you think about this idea.

Thanks for your concern King, I don't know how I can thank you for your time, help, resources, guidance, friendship, TRUST OF ALL, & believing in me when no one else did.
Am publishing the article, let me create a post about this...
My only hope is that I will be able to gain their trust back and they will give me back my credit.
I have alot of articles that I have been working on and they contain numerous gems. which I am planning to drop from today henceforth if all will be well.
I want to enrich my steemit account by powering up and even staking more of my engine tokens and also delegating to the best curators on the platform too..but how can I if all I get are downvotes?
They say my content is not quality enough but if you can check at my last 2-3 posts I am proving them wrong and they proving me right by downvoting me, the downvotes are dropping on me like the World war 2 bombs man!
It hurts me alot to powerdown my SP cause the light at the end of my tunnel is dimmed by the downvotes.
All in all I have already learnt my lesson the hard way and am ready to correct where I went wrong and maintain a good correlation with the community members and build better with this blockchain.

you are a dead man walking

I think it's time we changed the narrative now.

Tony, this is @ecoinstant here again. After talking with @Jaguar.Force - its quest is clear. All of its fire and fury are its own mission statement.

Change the Narrative - this is an option for you! I recommend actifit, appics, or @dpets if you need motivation to start, but please be genuine. I continue to recommend pictures and selfies because they are genuine.

It is in your hands. The flags might continue for awhile, or forever. But if you earnestly change your style of posting on steem to something more genuine, I think that even the most ferocious Jaguars will respect that.

I really would prefer to read about agriculture. The truth is Tony, most of your posts are generic and somewhat boring. I don't know if you are writing them or not, but the ones I do read are usually in the "self - help" section, not my style.

On discord you showed me a picture of you clearning a field and planting corn. That is way more interesting to me than generic self help that may or may not come from you. I am saying Tony - even if its your content - do not fall in love with it. They are only words, they are hardly worth something now just because they are on a blockchain.

I wish you the best - change that narrative.

Hey There, are you aware of this?

Please completely drop support for those accounts, this dude is a hardcore fraudster.

Hello, I appreciate your diliegence!

Your intensity is clear, and I completely agree that plagerism and even this sort of spinning is wrong.

Is this an isolated event for @tonytrillions?

Can humans change and adjust or would you rather him make a new account and have to find him all over again?

I have drastically lowered my auto support and have now challenged him to make a change. This is my process.

No, its not an isolated event, there is dozens of posts like that in his accounts, @hustlehacker is another alt of his. This is a pattern of fraudulent intent, not a one off case.

He will have to make a new account and start from zero, and of course I will find that one too.

Whatever support you give these accounts I will cancel off, so dont even bother.

Please do not take offense when I try to be sensitive to both sides.

You are now accusing me of giving support to 'these accounts' when I have been cooperative since I heard about this yesterday!

Your intensity can cause as many problems as it solves, please be softer to those just tangentially related that are actually paying attention.

Im not accusing you of anything.
Read again:
"Whatever support you give these accounts I will cancel off, so dont even bother."
I will translate it in simple words:
IF you keep supporting these accounts your support will be in vain because I will cancel it off with downvotes.

Ok, thank you for saying it again, I really do appreciate it. I am a real person, as it seems you are too.

I believe what you say, in fact. It is just my process to try to help the human improve - 'to build'. I worry that you imagine hunting Tony and people like him and finding them where ever they may appear, without thinking that they might actually change their ways.

Perhaps I am naive, perhaps you are stubborn. I actually think that there is room for both good cop AND bad cop.

Incidentally, Jaguar.Force is a good name for you!

I manage Income entertainment Fund and its autovoter is designed to support builders. Its a carrot, as you use a stick. If you see my comment on any posts that you uncover, I appreciate that you let me know. I will be adding a post into the rotation to support such abuse identification, so that I can be diligent as well.

My friend, it is of no use and of no consequence if people change when you put a gun to their head.
What you are saying is like saying "oh but he stopped stealing in jail, you see he can change".
Hilarious. Or like saying "oh but murderers can change too".
Sure he can change, but that doesnt mean he shall not pay for his offenses, thats how any justice system works, to be able to not commit offenses doesnt make previous offenses disappear or be excusable.

When you see somebody doing what this piece of shit does, you have to realize that that level of fraudulent activity reflects on the true moral character of the person, and the moral character of a person tends not to change, they might stop stealing, killing, etc. out of fear of punishment, but the moral character of an adult rarely if ever changes.