My Quarantine Challenges: My Goals and Preparedness to to Start-off

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Today is Day 6 of 14 of quarantine and total lockdown in my state in Southern Nigeria. This is the first time I had to stay indoors all day not because I will but because of government's enforcement. I know how hard it is for some people in times as this, especially those not used to the art of staying in-situ for long.

We're lucky in Akwa Ibom to have recorded only 5 cases of COVID-19 since last week and no other cases have been recorded. All contact cases to the index cases are isolated for now. My state is a Civil Service state, as such, p=most of the working population depend on government for their survival. Another great bunch of others are those doing petty businesses for daily income for survival. I pray these days won't tarry.

I've always had a busy day as an entrepreneur and so much family life and personal development activities has really been affected. I have been planning to see how to maximize these quarantine/isolation days for my personal and family use.

I sincerely thank @anomadsoul for initiating this quarantine goals and Challenges Campaign. For me, it would serve as a check to ensure I do what I'd planned. I see this time as a huge opportunity and I will maximize it.


For me, I have three salient things to do for myself within the next three months and I have today started to make arrangements to get the things done.

  • Revived Reading Culture,
  • Learning Programming,
  • Writing Books,
  • Getting fit to lose belly fat.

1. Revived Reading Culture


I've always been a book person. I love staying indoors in as much as there are books and a large chunk of my earnings are used to buy books (both and and soft). When I started getting a crowded business engagement, my book reading schedule died.

As a teacher Bible teacher and one who loves writing, crushing on books should be a daily activity and it's time I get engulfed again. I will draw out my reading time-table which will be published in the next 24 hours and I will certainly start off reading by tomorrow (10th of April, 2020)

To start with, my books have been scattered around the house and I started arranging them (as I pen this post) to fix my library and make it more appealing to use. Below I'm pictured with scattered books on the floor of my room and I've been on this for the last 2 hours. This is because as I arrange, some titles get interesting and I decide to have a perk of it.


  • Proposed Reading Schedule

In a more organized way, I would be having at least Five Hours of my day given to reading. Three hours in the morning and Two hours at Night. This is to enable me cover my two-hour daily Bible study, 1 hour Educational, 1 hour business and 1 hour General content reads.

I will share my choice of books for each week on the beginning of the week and I plan to lookout for a decentralized book-reading plan dapp for my phone. Please suggest in the comments section.

2. Learning Programming

I feel so bad that I could not have a fulfilling engagement on the Telos Blockchain which I joined last year through @Sirknight of @Steemchurch. Great developments are ongoing there and one can easily raise funds to power a decentralized project. My fail was not having a dedicated code developer who was ready to work with me to create the ideas I had into real stuffs.

My ideas to bring up a decentralized project ion the Telos and Hive Chains are still on my to do chart and the best way to move from my current spot is to start up a code development class to first have a fair knowledge of some basic languages which would help me to communicate technically on Hive and Telos blockchains.

I believe so much on cross-chain projects and this is what I am up to. I hope I can find a link to a user-friendly online course that I could probably pay with crypto. I am a total novice. You may also suggest the language to start with. It's cool to see @Anomadsoul mention Python. I have been admiring this for a long time but I've not got the energy to start anything.

Besides, as a graduate Engineer, I want to learn SoftWorks to help me integrate modern technology to my already designed ago systems.In my later updates, I will be sharing some more details.

I will also need a Refresher course on Graphics Design. I have been doing some simple stuffs because my younger brother is a pro at that. Currently, he doesn't stay with me and I need that to spice up my dapp development.

3. Writing Books

I have over 5 uncompleted book works spanning my faith, Engineering, research and Blockchain and I will be using this quarantine days to re-start works on them and at least be able to get two published by the End of June, 2020. Immediately my reading time-table is out by tomorrow, I will also schedule my daily writing time (about 2 hours daily) to enable me reach the above dateline.

Writing books has a potency of contributing immensely to my financial life. I had begun to consult book writing for some individuals and corporate organisations. I later got shrewd. It's time I will reach out and start-off the business part of my book writing.

4. Getting fit to lose belly fat.

While my finances improves as I got more busy with work, I discovered that my belly was beginning to grow fat, protruding when I tuck in my shirts. It sounded first as evidence of good living but I've discovered its something I can deal with it now that's early.

I will begin daily exercise- Bicycle Riding, Jogging, Push-ups and Skipping from tomorrow 10th April, 202. This would be done with or without the Actifit Dapp. Using Actific Dapp will help me earn some AFIT and SPORTS tokens while I keep fit. I do not have a fitbit device, sop I may not be handling my phone in some of the activities.


I am happy for this initiative and I thionk it would go a long way to help me add more value to my life which will in turn touch others' lives positively afterwards. ALl that I'm penning is starting off immediately and I will be making weekly progress reports.

Thanks for your time on this read...

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