Creative Piece "Made with carton wastes"

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Greetings wonderful people of Hive.
Its been a while i shared creative stuff with you.
Today i will be doing that and i am very pleased to share this work with you.


In time past i made mention of my kid bro who has been trying and working on creative things on his own due to the pandemic lockdown. Since we were stocked at home and everyone seemed bored staying everyday at home, my little bro started thinking of what to do to keep himself busy.
Just so you know, he hasn't learnt any of the things he does anywhere, he just imagine them and then create it.


Today i am sharing a work he still has in process with you guys and i hope you rate it with love and encourage him too, he is just a little boy just trying to be creative, think creatively and act creatively

What exactly is he trying to do?

Let us see in the photo section. But let me tell you a little about it. He is making an upstairs building with carton materials.

Materials Used

  • Carton waste
  • Top bond gum
  • Scissor
  • Foil
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Razor

He drew the plan in his naive way lol and measure the height and width of the building he was making.

Carve and cut them out with the scissor and razor.
He used the gum and glue to build and structure the house.
This house is still in process since he hasn't reached the roof yet but i thought i should share the process then maybe in my next post i will share the completion.


I am excited about sharing this work, Please rate my brother's creative work.
Hope it was good for a start and for someone that doesn't have any tutorials on this.

Till i bring more of such your way, keep blogging, and growing to be better Hiveains.

Yours in love

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This is really amazing.

Maybe you should apply some colours and paintings to it.

Maybe he will when he is done with the whole thing, he hasn't finished yet


Designers use models to visualize what their designs would look like and address things not obvious on paper. This is cool to see in a young kid.

Thank you techtype, we were all amazed as well

Bravo! An architect in the making

lol, real architect, thanks jemimah for stopping by