My Entery for "Let's Make a Collage-Round 42"

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Hi there Lovely People of Hive World,
Hope You all having a great day. I am come up with Animated GIF Image as my Entry for #letsmakeacollage Contest by @shaka.
Click Here to Visit Main Contest Post.

This Time I Add my GIF IMAGE of Dancing Kid to the Scene and play with Filters/Effects to given Scene/Image. Check Below

My Entry for 42nd Round


Given Scene


First I remove the People from the Scene Using Adobe Photoshop 7.0


Give it different effects using "Varnist" Android App.



multiple the People and make an audience who are watching KIDs Dance.


And here is My own GIF IMAGE with my Post Link that I added to the Scene.

Post Link


Good luck for all the creative People with their Entry to the Contest.

Hope You like mine as well,
Thanks for the Visit


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I have always want to know how to uses Photoshop and coreldraw for this kind of stuffs, it makes me feel jealous went I see one especially this kind wonderful work of yours, nice work..

Thanks for appreciation.
And You can find lots of tutorials on YOUTUBE. Or You can find tutorial Blogs for it as well.
I am 0 on COREL DRAW (didn't even use it once)