My Entery for "Let's Make a Collage-Round 43"

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Hi there Hive world,
Hope you All are fine.
I am sharing my entry for #letsmakeacollage contest by @shaka.
Click Here to Visit Main Contest Post.
I added four Lions to the scene, removing People and try to make a place for GIANT LIONS.

My entry for 43rd Week

shaka copy.jpg

Given Scene


I have used these FREE TO USE Lions Pictures From PIXABAY Platform.
Below are the Images I used with its sources/credits.


Image by Robert Greene from Pixabay


Image by Daniele Albertini from Pixabay


Image by Gerhild Klinkow from Pixabay


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


GOOD LUCK for all the participants and hope you like my Entry as well.
Thanks for the Visit


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The Lions can now move freely and do whatever they want.

Hi @shazri Beautiful collage from the lion pics. They look as if they've always belonged in that setting. In the collage, do you have to show how you reached the final stage of adding them all in one by one?

Good luck in the contest.