Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future

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The theme for World Teachers' Day 2020 is "Teachers: Leading in Crisis, Reimagining the Future".

Now let's analyze the topic a bit.
The first phrase in the topic says Teacher's: Leading in Crisis.
What does it mean for Teachers to lead in crisis.
Already this phrase is ambiguous, so when i saw it the very first question that came to mind was how would teachers be at the forefront of crisis, are we the one causing the crisis or problems itself or we are the one finding solution to it that's we ought to be at the forefront? Well having deliberated on it this is what in got.

Teachers are actually at the war front but this time around not causing problems but finding solution to the problems. Now how do we solve this problems or bring solutions, this is when the second phrase plays or comes in which say Reimagining the Future
First we must know that reimagining is the present participle of the word reimagine

So what then is reimagine?
To reimagine means to imagine or conceive something in a new way.
That's to say the solution to this crisis are left for the teachers.

  • The teachers are suppose to be deliberate about making a change, yes change in the lives of the learners. It is the trust the world has on teachers that caused the parents or guidance leave their wards or children in the care of the teachers.

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  • A teacher has to cultivate the following least he or she might be forced to neglect the learners, qualities like;
    1. Patience;
    2. Longsuffering;
    3. Perseverance;
    4. Love;
    5. Kindness;
    6. Gentleness;
    7. Empathy;
    8. Sympathy; and lastly
    9. Self-control.

If a teacher lacks self-control he or she might lash out on the learner which could in turn cause the learner to be more reserved than ever and that could in turn cause poor performance, lack of interest in the subject etc.
As teachers we ought to be very careful.

  • If the teachers do not handle the crisis today by rehabilitating the minds of the young people then the crisis will still continue and it will affect or better still consume the world in future.



Since this is theme for this years teachers day that means the world expect the best from us, because we are in charge of the future leaders of the world, if we neglect them then there will be more corruption, more embezzlement of money, more and more atrocities, I pray God help us all.
I will close by saying that this work should not be left for the teachers alone, all other parastatal and professions should please get themselves involve in moulding the youth. I would say all hands should be on deck its all for our good.

I am a teacher and I am proud to be one
Once again Happy Teacher's day.

Thanks for engaging my blog.

I remain


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Hello friend, without a doubt we, the teachers, must take the leadership in the crises, giving the example to our students and teaching them that the crisis can be overcome with work, dedication and a lot of creativity to innovate, that what we cultivate with effort today, will be for the benefit of a future that will be promising for many generations.

See you later, buddy, have a great week!

Yeah that's very true, thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week too.