The Future of Steem Tokens

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There are hundreds of steem tokens. The tokens are based on communities and tribes. Some of them have great value but others look having no value. You can check in the daily volume trading.

Every token creator has purposes. In fact, the tokens are kind of rewards for doing something. Some have platform that is similar to the main chain steemit but different topics. Upfund me, lifestyle are kinds of steem tokens. The price of tokens are also variuos. Steemit users will earn rewards token by using tag like lifestyle, zzan, marlians and others.


Talking about the future value of steem tokens should include the roadmap of the projects. When the roadmap enables tokens holders get some features to use the tokens, I think the value of tokens will increase. I give example tipu token. Tipu token has value and earns high volume trading because holders of the tokens will earn shares by holding it. Some rewards tokens are the same as steem and sbd tokens. They works as rewards. I think there will be no great change in value in the future when the tokens are only rewards from adding tag in steemit posting. The tokens are only small value for steemit users. Steemit users will be more interested in increasing power isntead of investing in steem tokens.


This is only suggestions to tokens creators. There are some suggestions that may increase the value of the steem tokens in the future.

  • Steem tokens should have more function.
    Adding function to the steem tokens will increase demands from users. For example, by sending tokens with memo to steem curators exchanges with votes. It is the task of developers how to automate function of this.
  • Steem tokens as real currency for products and services.
    Token creators can create marketplace to use the tokens as money. Real money to buy products and services. The tokens are not only traded in steemengine but also used as real currency.
  • Gives incentives or tips to steemit users.
    Tokens can be used as tips to steemit users.
  • Burn the tokens.
    I see that the numbers of tokens are very large so the value is low. The developers should burn the tokens gradually to increase the value and reduce the circulation.
  • Tokens non fixed numbers should lower the inflation rate to increse the value of tokens.


Steem tokens are digital properties of steemit platform. Don't let the properties become useless. There are thousands eth tokens and some of them become shit coins. Steemit users are holders of steem tokens. The users are limited to steemit members so the value of steem tokens rated by steemit members. That is why developers should have ideas how to improve the value of steem tokens.

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Personally I think tokens should not even be called coins... By definition coin must be self-sustained, so any transfer must be payable with the token itself and there should be no conversion fees just to deposit or withdraw.

As a coin developer myself, I'm all for lowest possible fees even if that conflicts with my past as a miner and being operator of a mining pool.

Tokens on various platforms are easier to write than full-fledged coins as the framework of the parent coin can be reused without changes.

It is quite different from forking another coin to create a new one, as even if forking saves few months from development, forking still requires adapting the core code for parameters of the newly forked coin, fixing all the limitations and bugs, not forgetting adding extra code to support any new features.

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adding extra code to support any new features

That is interesting to add extra codes so the token will have additional function than only for trading or exchanging with the main coin

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Dear @lebah

Interesting choice of topic. One of those posts, which surely are worth checking out and reading through.

I seriously doubt there is any future for steem-engine tokens. I think it's all just thing of the past.

Again, solid read. Upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr

Thanks for checking my work. I just see the chance to grow bigger in steem sidechain. The growth of steem side chain in accordance with the growth of steem main chain.

There is a before and after tokens, they are part of our future my good friend.

I agree that tokens are part of steem. I hope there will be more developers that create more functional tokens.