Proportional distribution / Company or business rule _Part II

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Greetings my dear friends of the platform of Hive.bolg especially to the community of Project.Hope, in the previous delivery we could make one of many applications of the mathematics related to the distribution or proportional distribution of some capital of investment by some people in certain business altogether.

We relate in a general way with some algebraic concepts such as reason and proportion with the purpose of obtaining the proposed purpose, that is, the proportional distribution between the investment made between several partners in some kind of business together, where we could raise three cases of placement of the capital of these partners, solving the first one related to the fact when the people involved contributed different capitals but in a similar period of time.

For that case we could start from the logical fact which expresses, the one who places more money must obtain more profit, therefore, the distribution must be proportional, and in reality it was this way since the partner who contributed a greater capital, that is, $700 could obtain the greater profit than those who contributed $300 and $500 in that investment.

In this opportunity we will relate with the approach which indicates us that the partners will contribute different capital and in different interval or lapse of time, but the objective will be the same one a proportional distribution between the partners who contribute the above mentioned capital of investment, emphasizing that this distribution is valid so much for the gains as for the losses generated in the above mentioned busines.

Example 2

Two people are able to invest in a business with different capital and time frame, where the first puts $2000 in 2 months and the second $3000 in 4 months, after the maximum time (4 months) the business registered a loss of $660. What would be the proportional loss for each partner?

x + y = $660, so to determine the proportional loss for each we have, we start by relating the series of equal ratios to each partner's months:


As we could see through the implementation of a series of equal reasons and relate it to the months of investment of each partner we managed to make a proportional distribution of the losses generated in this business, this is related to the capital contributed by each partner, where, one of the partners contributed $ 2000 and obtained from the total losses an amount of $ 165, and the other partner for placing more capital, ie $ 3000 obtained the largest loss $ 495, thus carried out a proportional distribution of losses according to the capital invested by each partner.


With this second delivery we continue to highlight the importance of the application of mathematics in any aspect of our lives, where, in finance they are vital and fundamental for the proper functioning of any company or business, since the principle of proportional distribution is an essential rule in the business world.

The previous case related to the approach, where, the partners of a certain business contributing different capitals in an interval or lapse of time also different, and as much the gains or losses must be distributed of proportional way like fundamental rule of any business as we could observe it in this article.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Recommended Bibliographic Reference

[1]Financial Mathematics I.



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The characteristics of proportionality within mathematics is a very helpful tool in accounting and finance in trade where the investment of various partners is involved. Greetings friend @rbalzan79.

Greetings friend @carlos84, it is true that mathematics is fundamental to any aspect of our lives especially in an adequate proportional distribution in some business. Successes.

Greetings great friend

Math is one of the most important subjects in any aspect of our lives
manages the finances are vital and fundamental in any company or business we are undertaking, if we do not have a good follow-up and monitoring everything will be billed in the very short term.

Thank you for sharing your article

Greetings dear friend @sandracarrascal , it is true that mathematics is fundamental to any aspect of our lives. Successes.