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Greetings again my dear readers, we continue in the important search of any machine, device or tool designed by man using the essential knowledge provided by science through the implementation of technology, and thus highlighting the great influence of each of the technological advances in any aspect of our lives.

In relation to the above we continue to reaffirm the valuable principle that we have made our own in each of the previous publications, and which expresses that technology is nothing more than applied science, and undoubtedly you could observe this in each example presented in the past articles, as we have been able to describe wonderful machines that have transformed our lifestyle.

As we know and can verify around us, there is a great diversity of technological applications in each one of the devices or machines that day after day develops the man and with the passage of time due to the invention and development of new materials this equipment or machines are manufactured with greater technological advance and consequently they offer us a greater utility and quality according to the specifications of each one of them.

Optical science has provided the technological field with a great accumulation of knowledge regarding the interpretation of the behavior of light rays in different optical systems, either in a particular way as a compound or complex, an example of this could be seen in the three deliveries related to the optical system of the traditional compound microscope, and that thanks to this instrument has come to the formation of the newest microscopes of today.

The highlight of each optical instrument is the use of particular optical systems such as lenses, mirrors and prisms, through these it has been possible to design essential devices such as those described above and this time we will analyze in a general way to the masks or diving glasses, and the same very useful in the exploration of the aquatic world.

Dive mask or goggles

Our wonderful natural optical systems (eyes), we can say that they have the capacity to capture any type of set of luminous rays around us and whose means of propagation is the air, since the same one does not oppose greater resistance to these rays when they transport a certain image towards our natural receiving screen of the same ones as it is it our retina.

This task is undoubtedly complicated when we move or dive to another type of environment, for example, the water world, in that environment or medium light rays behave differently than in the air as they are refracted considerably in that environment, in addition the large volume of water generates a considerable pressure on our eyes, these characteristics cause man to design what we know today as the mask or diving glasses.

The main component of these diving glasses are the artificial lenses since besides protecting our eyes they allow us to have a better vision to great aquatic depths, therefore, these optical devices represent a vital tool for the exploration and consequently knowledge of the fascinating marine world, at the present time these optical devices are elaborated with lenses of materials like tempered glass, and this material has demonstrated to be resistant to these depths and in addition to great aid to the improvement of the obtaining of the best images towards our eyes.


Each one of the devices or optical instruments manufactured by the man fulfills an extraordinary work, emphasizing of it the implementation of particular optical systems like lenses, mirrors and prisms, in this opportunity the implementation of lenses, turning the lenses into elements of great utility for the obtaining of certain images towards our eyes in any means or space-time where we are.

With the masks or diving glasses we continue to demonstrate that the implementation of the science-technology nexus reaches any area of our lives through essential technological applications such as the generation of new materials, and with them better optical instruments or any other type of tool or machine that is part of our existence.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Note: The images are of my authorship, made using the Power Point application, and the animated gif was made with the Photoscape application based on the public domain image extracted from whose source is Source.

Recommended Bibliographic Reference

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Hello friend @rbalzan79, brother again shows us the creativity that has developed the human being for the creation of objects like the glasses you mention, which are very useful eye protection. No doubt that in each delivery we show very interesting advances!

See you later, blessings for you and your family!

Hello friend @amestyj.
It is true that man's creativity has been outstanding during all his history as shown in this opportunity with the diving glasses. Greetings.

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Without a doubt, lenses have become very useful elements in many applications, to obtain a vision of our environment in any environment, such as diving glasses, which have allowed us to admire the underwater world with great vision. Greetings friend @rbalzan79.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron.
It is true that the lenses have represented an important tool to improve our vision in any part of our existence as we could observe it in this opportunity in the marine world. Thank you for your valuable contribution. Successes.

Hello friend, thank you for always bringing these types of publications, they are very original and educational. The technology today is a great power, every day grows more. Together with science they can create amazing things.

Greetings dear friend @franyeligonzalez.
Thank you for your positive appreciation, science and technology are making great advances for humanity every day and this will be the case for a long time to come. Success for you.

Good concept, "technology is nothing more than applied science", and even more so if the final objective is to solve practical problems that we encounter in our daily lives. Thank you for this valuable contribution, kind regards friend @rbalzan79

Greetings friend @lupafilotaxia.
The nexus science-technology has been in charge of satisfying great needs of the man through the time, thanks for your valuable contribution. Successes.

technological advances like these they are a great contribution to humanity.It is impressive to see how an artifact that gives virtual images can help so much, even to see objects that we could not appreciate through our eyes.This opens up a new field of exploration and the search for objects, very interesting indeed.

It is true my friend through the implementation of the diving glasses has been able to deepen the knowledge of the marine world something that is very important for humanity.

Greetings friend @rbalzan79

The technological advances have been of great help for all, it is very novel to see how a virtual artifact can bring us so many benefits, where we can appreciate objects that we have not been able to appreciate with our eyes, which gives us a new path to explore and as always go beyond. Thank you for the important information you provide us.

Greetings dear friend @sandracarrascal.
Thank you for your positive appreciation, science and technology are making great advances for humanity every day and this will be the case for a long time to come. Success for you.