Dynamics Of The Human Mind

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Many things that happen in people's lives, more than we may even realize, have their root in the mind. This is so true that our thoughts will normally have influence on our actions and our actions, when repeated over time, will form our character which also relates to our attitude and will ultimately fashion our future. So you see, the root of it all is in the mind. Success (and even failure) do not fall on people from limbo but as a result of their actions and inactions which obviously stem from their mind.

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The thought from the human mind can be likened to a small seed which, when nurtured, will grow into a mighty tree. Any school of thought that will make someone else or any group of people to be entirely responsible for whatever becomes of you life is very irresponsible. No doubt, it is your absolute prerogative to fashion out your own future for yourself.

Everyone has a free will to think and everyone has been blessed with the power of thought and imagination but what you do with your own is entirely your choice. Most of the big innovations we have today started from just the corner of the mind as a little thought which was worked upon to grow into something large. Your ideas have not been actualized, not because they are not viable enough, but because you have not put in the required actions in the right direction.

According to this article, the human mind has so much power that it can influence the brain. According to the same article, it pointed out that the human brain is majorly tilted towards negative bias but your mind can actually change it. The power of positive thoughts can never be overemphasized. More often than not, people have referred to the human mind as the creation of the brain, no doubt, but the mind can also change the brain. You will agree with me that your life will, more often than not, tilt towards your dominant thought.

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The person that always think towards positivity has already charted the course of positivity for their lives. The same also happens to the person that always thinks negativities. How you like your life to be fashioned, you need to make it your dominant thought. "Thinking" in its simplest form is just a way you talk and relate to your own self. This is the reason you can't talk about "self-talk" without talking about "thinking".

I always tell people, "whatever you do not want to see, it is pointless to think about it". If you can master your mind to think always towards positivity even in the midst of dark times, then you will be surprised how brilliant you life will shine.

You can also read this article on mastering your mind.

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The mind is truly an amazing thing and something we should all work to look after. I especially liked your points on positivity.

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Sure buddy, we should all work towards mastering the mind. I'm glad you liked the post. Thanks buddy

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