Will Content Creation give way for Gaming in the Future? Profit Envisaged in Rabona Mid Season 4


I just read a post published by @Dalz on ways of improving the Hive blockchain tokenomics. Among his suggestions including, reducing powerdown period and getting read of Hive Power, and increasing Curation Reward to 75%, it appears to me that if such debates find acceptance in the future, then content creation which is presently the most lucrative form of investment on this blockchain may give way for wither of curation or gaming.

We already know how curation presently serves as a semi-active way of profiting from one's HIVE investment in addition to staking rewards. While a fulltime curator may spend about 1 hour of his day to manually upvote say 25 posts, a content creator would need more time to create posts and engage other users before earning.

In the last few months, from the creation of Splinterlands games which now ranks as top dapp on Stateofthedapps, we have several games built on the Hive blockchain which huge traction of users. Indeed, I have seen some users who only play the games and draw off the rewards of late without posting nor curating. I never understood the value in games until Rabona came by. Thanks to @Rondras and @Oliverschmid for the creative creation. Now now make it easier for me to put an eye on DCity and other fun dapps of Hive.

The future of Hive is in the apps. Yeah, withe the developments on the second layers, I thing one can build either decentralized and centralized applications that can leverage the blockchain resources. For the sake of the social-media freaks, I think that centralized apps on Hive can pull more users. However, the decentralized apps could employ the marketing strategies of the centralize apps to make ROIs mouthwatering for investors.

SO far on Rabona, we're in Season 4 and the journey has been full of lessons for me. There are so many things I've learnt on investment with my engagement with Rabona.


As shown in my Financial chart above, the income of my team is now in excess of expenditure and there are no indications of going down the graph again even in the future. I've been able to offset the losses accrued in the first and second seasons. With the way things are going, I may not invest any more liquid HIVE in the near term as my assets can push the team up on a ladder of excellence with ease.



There are no much time needed online with Rabona. All you need do is set formations for your teams and check-up on them after matches in case there was an injury or a Red Card that would cause a player to lose a match. I'm looking forward to when the RBN holdings and profits would become withdrawable in terms of HIVE, BTC or USD.

Rabona is already attracting numbers, even those not using Hive to post and curate contents. This would pave a way for other sport related assets on the blockchain. It is interesting that earning and investment options keep increasing on HIVE and I hope with this, we have the numbers flowing in.

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

Please to use my referral link - https://rabona.io?ref=uyobong to register for the next season so you can earn 25,000 RBN tokens.

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This debate will never finish and change the rules for which benefits? Instead, they need to focus to bring innovations for more people to come on board.

That why I believe Hive will remain a utopia dream and stay low in terms of adoption.

Why do you think so?

By knowing the culture that takes place for the last 3 years and my own intuition.