Challenges In Business Before Hitting It Peak: Do You Have A Long Term Goal

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I do use to wonder, how do you notice a good business to invest especially when it come to crypto related. We all want to have this type of investment that will bring up huge profit all of a sudden and only on a short term goal especially when it come to new business shooting up and we tends to forget that all the good business or even the crypto with high price today started from somewhere and they were once new before people start accepting them. Take bitcoin for example, when it came into existence, I was around 12years then and knew nothing about crypto, back then people never took it serious because it was new to them and new things are fake but those early adopters with long term goals are the one enjoying it now.

What is your mindset when it comes to investment or on new businesses coming up? Are your goal a long and short term, do you make the proper research to see the effort made by the team behind such business. To me, I believe starting a business, is like going on a long journey which you never know how the outcome might be, we all are scared of losing out investment (every investors are always cautious of that) yet we don’t want to missed out of good opportunities. And as a business owner, are you quitting before even seeing the result of the actions you take, reason why most business fail nowadays is because they find it hard to stand the test of time and most of them lose focus in one way or the other. Your business will fail if you stop believing and stop applying effort. You don’t expect your business to boom within a period of 2-3 years, check out those business like Amazon, Microsoft etc, it took them years to reach where they are today and succeed based on continuous effort and consistency.

Long term goals matters a lot when it come to business and investing. Time to start changing my mindset about most of investment and business I come across. I heard lot of experience from people on how they miss out on life changing opportunities just because they couldn’t have the patience to hold for long, there are lot of opportunities in this space, we just need the right mind to see it. Some people d ask me, they want to invest their fund into projects but which project should they engage in, I do tell them If you look at things well, especially on hive blockchain and tribe associated with it, you can see a good project to invest in and earn a lot from curation even if you wont be that active. Project like leofinance, lassecash, creativecoin token, sportstalksocial (really missed out on this when I could get it really cheap but I really didn’t notice it on time), neoxiancity and so on. On a long time goal, you will really be making some cool bucks from staking and curating. Then my favorite blockchain game Splinterlands is really a good investment on a long term with good rewards.

Make your proper research, if you want to key in, then key in and see how the changes will be. This isn’t a financial advice, always make sure you do your proper research.

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It's a very healthy deal when we look at business goals and clearly divide them into longterm and short term. While the short term goals would help to keep the business on feet and provide daily motivation, the long term goals assure the sustainability of the business.

Growth in life generally requires time and process. Growth is never sudden and same applies to any business. We should always have it in mind that for a business to become successful, it will require a lot of work, dedication and commitment. Challenges may surface and a businessman should be ready to face those challenges

Business is full of challenges, don't think it is a bed of roses. You have to be fully prepared when challenges sets in.

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