See the Atmosphere of the City at the Time the Quarantine Took Place

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Hi friends hivers everyone, in this post I want to show a picture portrait sent by my friend who is still struggling in the metropolitan capital. The picture he took was in the capital at the time the quarantine of the region was still taking place, which was like the current atmosphere.

Although once every city was filled with migrants who came from remote areas and wandered there, at this time the city area looked lonelier when compared to the village or hometown because almost everyone who lived in the city preferred to return to the village because they thought that in my hometown can a little avoid the spread of this Corona virus.

And finally almost most of the cities in Indonesia have begun to look rather lonely as a result of the spread of this Corona virus. So at this time the big cities in Indonesia have started to be quiet because of the many migrants who began to leave the city and chose to return to their hometowns.

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