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In life, getting to a greater place and holding a meaningful position isn't a joke at all. Many wise people will say to us, BE DETERMINED and you'd get there.

I want to be this, I want to be that, do you really understand and know what it takes to get there?

Let's talk about this 3 words 👇




Do you know? In the journey of becoming somebody in life

Dreaming is not what you do while sleeping, people with bigger dreams are never able to sleep because their dreams keep them awake.

Your dreams are what you see in every minutes of your life even though they are yet to come true, you view yourself in your dreams doing and having everything the way you want them to be. Now, you should not only dream of this things. You should Believe that your dreams will come true.


Now, Do you know?

You have to believe in your dreams no matter how small, not believing in your dreams simply means you have no dreams at all.

You should be the greatest fan of yourself, greatest believer of your dreams, you should always have a steady stand that your dreams will come true one day no matter how long it takes. After believing in your dreams, there's one thing that drives both your dreams and the believe in your dreams to reality, that thing is ACTION.


Wise men will say, ACTION speaks louder than voice, this can be used in different context, but for this. Do you know?

It's not only about talking and telling what you want to become in life, it's not only about dreaming to be great and believing your dreams will come true,

It's about working towards your dreams, having a good plan on how you want to achieve those dreams.

All talks and plans without actions might lead to nothing and zero result.

While dreaming, always believe in your dreams but the greatest of all is to act, walk towards achieving your dreams or else both dreaming and believing becomes useless at the end.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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