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Do you know everything that happens in your life starts from and with you. You want to be respected, you want to be loved, you want to be accepted, It all starts from you. If you want to be loved, accepted and respected then you have to do this for yourself because there's a saying "Charity Begins At Home" and the greatest friend you can have is yourself.

What does it mean to Love oneself, Loving yourself is not just something you say with mouth. Some persons say will say I Love Myself but everything they do isn't anywhere close to self love.

Many people that claim to love themselves doesn't take care of themselves in different ways they are supposed to. Someone who claims to love self doesn't think its necessary to do medical check up regularly, Someone who knows something in particular is not good for their health still do those things and claim to love self.

Some people do many harmful things to themselves intentionally and many think low of themselves, they think another person is better than them which is why they will always find it difficult to achieve anything in life.

When a person fails to accept self, then there's no way this person will be able to love self. Self Acceptance is the first thing everyone should do for self. Accept who you are, be happy about who you are, Love yourself, never think low of yourself then the sky will be your starting point in achieving greatness



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