Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge|| Barking Spider

Hello Hivers and Splinter Warriors!!!

This is my share your battle weekly challenge . It been a while I joined this challenge, I decided to see what was the theme for this week and I saw it's a card I get almost everyday from quest reward. To make it all fun, I just upgraded my Earth Splinter cards which I am very excited about most especially when playing with earth.

Yesterday, I got Earth Quest and it was a great opportunity to use the card which was the theme for this week.

Barking Spider

Barking Spider is an untamed card from the Earth Splinter Family, This card is a range attacker which can only be used in the last row in every battle except if there's a rule that supports range attack monsters at first role.

I really do not find the name of this monster interesting because I wonder why a spider will bark, why a spider will do what a dog should do, LOL but still I managed to use a barking in my battle and the battle turn out to be a win for me.

SM Battle.png


The battle I am going to present for this challenge has this rule that took me quite sometime to understand but thanks to my teacher.

Battle Link

This battle was a 48 Mana battle which has 2 rules. The first was FOG of war where monsters loose the sneak and snipe ability and the second rules was Earthquake where non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of this round. I had issues with the Earthquake rule which makes me dislike any battle with this rules because I hardly win.


But now, I understand this ruleset perfectly and I love it most especially when the battle mana is high. This high battle mana was a good one for me in this battle and I used it to my advantage.

I selected the following cards to play with:

  • Unicorn Mustang
  • Nectar Queen
  • Kron The Undying
  • Prismatic Energy
  • Wood Nyphm
  • Barking Spider

In every battle, all cards have the role they play. My first card which was Unicorn Mustang was selected for the first role of this battle because it's a melee attacker and it has this ability which to reduces damage from all magic monsters.

The Nectar Bee is a strong card with the flying ability, the battle rule says that non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of each round which is why I have to ensure all or most of my cards are flying monsters but here Nectar Bee happens to be the only Flying monster I brought but were accompany with other strong cards.

Kron The Undying - This is a legendary magic monster with one of the most interesting ability which is healing ability. This card helped the battle because as it attacks from any position, it also heal.

Prismatic Energy is also a magic monster with the reflect ability, I love all magic monsters because they attack from all position. This card was a good help for the battle because of its reflect ability which returns magic damage to the attacker.

Wood Nymph - What more can happen in a battle with two magic monsters with the healing ability. Healing is very good in every battle

Barking spider - This card has its own ability but this ability will be available at level 6 which is the combination of 100 bcx Barking Spider. My barking spider is still at level strong but still did a great job as it was my only range attacker in this battle and I placed it at the last row.

Barking Spider.png

It attacked from far and contributed as a range attack monster should in this battle. The ability of Barking Spider at level 6 is so good and I really can't wait to upgrade from level 3 to 6.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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I love those super high mana games. It's so much fun to stack a bunch of giant monsters. reminds me of a Godzilla battle!