Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge|| Tortisian Fighter

Hello Hivers and Splinters Warriors!!!

This is my share your battle challenge for the week. There's no doubt that this challenge brings us close to our cards, it makes us check out our cards stats and their abilities and also makes us want to level up cards we never used or we are not used to.

I am a water splinter lover and the card for this week which is Tortisian Fighter is present in my collection but sincerely this card never leave level 1. This challenge made me check its stats and the ability it has at level 4 is one of those abilities I love so much.

In short, I leveled up my Tortisian Fighter from Level 1 to Level 4.



Tortisian Fighter is an untamed card from the water splinter family. This card is a melee attack monster with no ability from level 1 to 3 but has shield ability at level 4. Shield ability reduces attack from melee and range attack monsters. I use cards with shield ability a lot and this is why I have Frozen soldier and Tortisian Fighter in this battle to reduce attack from melee and range monsters since the MANA cap of this battle is very small

Tortisian Fighter.png


The battle is really not a very serious one. Water is my best splinter and any battle I am playing with water is always very cool. The battle was a 21 MANA Cap and it has one of the most interesting rule, this rule is interesting when your cards for each splinter are strong enough to battle on their own without the neutral monsters.

The battle rule was NO NEUTRAL RULE. This rule simply means that in the battle where there's this rule, there won't be any neutral monster present there. All cards in this battle will belong to the splinter used in the battle.

Battle Link

Tortisian Battle.png

In this battle, I battled with just 4 cards, 2 Melee attack monsters, 1 Magic attacker and 1 Range attack monster.

  • Frozen Soldier
  • Tortisian Fighter
  • Ruler of the seas
  • Pirate Archer

Frozen Soldier and Tortisian Fighter

Both cards are level 4 which makes them a little stronger, they both have shield ability which helps reduce attack from melee and range attack monsters from opponent. This two cards did wonders in the battle. Opponent didn't come with a magic monster which makes this battle easier for me.

Ruler of the seas

This is a legendary magic attack monster, this card has the blast ability. I have a level 1 ruler of the seas and I enjoy using it because of its blast ability. The blast ability does additional damage to monster adjacent to the target monster and being a magic attacker, it attacks from anywhere too.

Pirate Archer

This is a range attack monster with same ability as Ruler of the seas, the only difference here is that Pirate Archer is a range attacker.

The battle turn out to be a win because of my cards ability and because there was a complete attack squad, Melee, Magic and Range while my opponent didn't come with any magic attack monster which caused him more damage in the battle.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



Posted via | The City of Neoxian

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey Bee.
Or should I address you as a splinter warrior?

I am both. Thanks

Hey Bee,
I accidentally submitted the comment in short.
So here's what I wished to say...

I liked your lineup.
I don't remember watching a battle with this theme who won the match having the entire team alive at long last.
Nice battling.

Hehehe. thanks for the nice comment. Much appreciated.

@tipu curate

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