Splinterlands Quidditch || A 12 Mana Game || Power of Little Monsters

Hello to all BDcommunity Splinter Warriors!!!

What a great name!

Here is my entry to @bdcommunity Splinterlands Quiddith Contest. To all splinter warriors who love to battle their hearts out and with battling they are able to gather more and more experience everyday. Each and every battle is an increase in splinter knowledge. Which means, we learn from our own battles and line ups and we also learn from our opponents line up to be a better person in subsequent battles.


Yes, we learn everyday in splinterlands because no one is perfect and no one can certainly say I won't loose a battle ever again in splinterlands. If you are so good and familiar with all cards, ability and rules, there will definitely be a rule set that leaves you blank atimes but you just have to play because you don't want to surrender.

For me, I never surrender in any battle, even a battle I know my cards are weak for, I still play.

Low Mana Cap battles are good examples of battles you never can tell if you are going to win or not. This as happen to me many times and truth be told, I loose some of this battles and win some.

But here today, I am writing about a 12 Mana Game which I played with the best cards I could think of at the time of the battle.



Yes, It's a 12 Mana Battle and the summoner if not an epic summoner will take away 3 of the mana and I only had 9 Mana remaining to make do with in my monster selection but unfortunately I had to loose 1 mana from the 9 I have left because the rule says

Even Steven: Only Monsters with even mana may be used in battle

Mana Cap.png

In this battle, Only 3 splinters were active, the dragon, fire and earth splinter. In a 12 Mana battle, My Dragon splinter is a NO because it has 5 Mana and out of 12, if I take out 5, I have almost nothing left and for my Fire Deck, I have a level 2 Rare Summoner and a Legendary Fire Summoner which is zaku, using the rare summoner at level 2 is as good as playing with level 1 cards and in Diamond league, it might be an automatic loss and Zaku is a high mana summoner, It can't be used as well.

So the only option I have left is my Earth Splinter which is at level 4. I went ahead with my Earth Splinter.

With my remaining 8 Mana after selecting the Summoner, I selected the following cards.



This is a neutral monster which has 2 mana and also have the flying ability, The flying ability of this card will make it have an increased chance of evading melee and range attack from monsters with no flying ability. This means that if my opponent happens to come with a melee or range attack monster then there's a very good chance for this card to evade the attack.

And yes, my prediction was wrong by using this card because the flying ability was useless for this battle, the opponent didn't come with a melee and the range attack from the opponent also have a flying ability which means my Cocatrice flying ability can't evade attack from melee and range in this battle.

I knew in low mana battles, players won't have the opportunity to select their favorite cards but people leave out melee attack monsters and go for magic and range in a battle like this since magic attack monsters attack from anywhere.

Failed Summoner

Failed Summoner.png

My second card was a level 3 Failed Summoner, this is a no attack monster from the earth splinter family. With my prediction that in low mana battles that players leave out melee attack monsters and go with magic and range, I selected this 2 mana card with the Magic Reflect ability. This ability make this card return attack back to any magic attacker, in this battle my opponent first card was a magic attack monster which made everything interesting, the magic reflect in this card is a big plus for me in the battle.

Wood Nymph

Wood Nymph.png

My third card had it all, was a level 4 Wood Nymph. A magic card from the earth splinter family with the Tank Heal ability, this card can attack from any position and also restores a portion of the card at the first position's health each round. This card was meant to restore my first card which was Cocatrice, it did in first round but Cocatrice died before Wood Nymph could restore in second round but my Failed Summoner took over and it was able to kill my opponents magic monster because of its magic reflect ability.

At the end of this battle, only my first card died in the battle, the failed summoner and wood nymph stayed till the end.

Winning a low mana battle is never easy but my strategy worked in this.



I am Bee 🐝 in the City of Neoxian



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Nice post! Where can I find such beautiful SPT Card Graphics?

They are available on Splinterlands website I think or use Google