Montage Of Art, Cactus and Window Curtain

in hive-177682 •  3 months ago 

Been getting down to make little clips of stuff and splice them together lately. Trying to make something interesting. So I took a few clips of some of the art we have around here. I think I have more somewhere else. Also the other day I took a bunch of clips of various sculptures put out on display in the next town. Will have that in another post.

Trying to gear up for creativity again. I want to take on all these little projects and ideas and make stuff. Ok then I will get back to it. I want to get it to where I surprise myself with something super fun

I do like these collection of clips and putting them out for people to check out!!

I recently put out a bunch of music to a whack of streaming services. There are even playlists on youtube.

You can also get to the music on Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Will be back in awhile to make another mix clips post

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