Flute (Freewrite Challenge)

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Gary was known for his extraordinary talent in music. He is the maestro of an orchestra. He wrote popular songs for other pop artists. He is also a musical director in several TV shows, as well as concerts. He can play different musical instruments like piano, drums, guitar, and flute.

He was chosen to be a judge in a popular reality singing competition because he has the ability to hear who are the great voices. Aside from that, his achievements will speak of how he can become a great judge for the competition.

When the TV show starts airing, people expected him to be too strict considering his stature as a music expert. But he seemed to like many auditioners which doesn't click to the ears of the viewers. There they are criticizing him for his capability to hear great voices. They even questioned how he became a music expert.

Gary didn't mind all that. He just did his job being a judge, and judge according to what he hears from the contestant. There's another contestant named Jean, who doesn't seem to sound good for Gary. He was critical on her performance, which was also agreed on by co-judges.

He was again bashed in social media. He just ignored all of them. During the performances of the contestants again, Gary wanted to stop her because she's off-key. But she waited until she finished her performance. When judges are called to give his comments, Jean raised her eyebrows on Gary's turn. Then he gave his comments mostly negative.

Disgruntled over Gary's comments, Jean posted in social media trash talking on him. Gary didn't retaliate, until another singer posted a long blog in social media. She's the singer of the song Jean sang in the competition.

The singer said humility is important to be successful in music industry. She also gave her judgment on Jean's performance with constructive criticisms. Then she revealed the songwriter of the song was written by Gary, who's also using a different name when writing songs.

It shocked many people on the revelation. There, Gary received recognition from people in music industry, as well as in social media. Jean eventually apologized on her careless actions and statements in social media.

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