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This trader was suggesting snowballs and intresting 'fake' candles. Actually it happened to be the most intresting, the most Christmas, and my fave counter at the fair (there were three like this, I was coming back several times! with different lenses, and wanted to shoot it more, more and more). I had used Canon 16-35mm, Sigma 50mm 1.4 and Zenitar 16mm lens on this. In my opinion, 50mm did the best job. Two pictures below were shot with Zenitar fish-eye.

How do you like it?



Have you seen candles like this before? They are 'fake' cause they just look like theres a fire, but its just a piece of plastic ... This battery gives light, not a wick or wax or burning. But on the other hand, they are safe for use in a shop windows, displays, and you can fearlessly let a small child play with them. The snowballs... need no presenting, I think. xD

all images copyright be me | available to purchase in hi-res.

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Cool shots!
Actually fake candles are quite useful, you don't have to remember you have a candle burning if you walk out of a room - anything can happen, right...? And yet you get the ambience of candles lit!

probably, so.
recently a funny thing happened to me: I noticed a candle burning in the store display -- and I was simply AMAZED, fascinated, that the owners of the shop are crazy enough and brave and devoted to the art -- that they dared to use candles.. burning candle (one pcs) for decorating of the shop!.. I had such thoughts (naive me!) and just passed by. but now... heh.... now I understand -- it was a fake candle!.. hehe, and of the story xD

Lol... secret's out! ;)

Well, I love the real flame movement and its heat, and when we were young we played with the flame and the fingers you move very quickly through the flame...😃 Fake candles can be very useful I suppose, and also your mind can be more quiet if you have young children 😊 ...but the batteries , oh my ! 😉 I have never the right model to put when needed 😃

probably they can be useful. but.. we have got a big packet of small cheap IKEA candles, we consume them slowly for almost 4 years, and the pocket still dont show the bottom! probably I'd never buy one of these battery fake products. but, I admit, there might be situations when they would be preferrable.



We have a lot of different illuminated products for sale, including Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas decorations, deer, etc.

do you take pics? or they more enjoyable in reality than as photos?

пс. вдоль главной магистрали моего передвижения (из аэропорта СПб в центр города - она как бы парадный въезд в город) очень много помпезных украшений. в том числе и красивые фигуры, ростовые, всякие. сегодня как раз фоткад большое мягкое кресло-диван (!), а еще в 7 минутах ходьбы от меня, есть настоящая золушкина карета с цегом лошадей, а в удаленной точке - ангелы - благовестники. их не отснял пока, не могу поделиться. но красотищщщаааааа!

Ну всё, так описал что аж завидно стало!

ну, опишите и вы мне какой у вас вкусный был кофе.. и сколько солнца, и какая вода теплая морская. глядишь, я и лопну! от неминуемой зависти :)))

I had a childhood fascination with flames, fireplace in winter, camp fire in warmer weather etc... I got the stub of a candle and was using it as a focus to try and meditate.
It was on my dresser, stuck into an old style pill bottle (clear plastic, before all this locking caps mess) to catch any wax, as the top of the dresser was also covered with my clean, folded clothes I hadn't put away.
It was at night, my parents had gone to bed, and it was time for Johnny Carson.
I swear I blew out that candle.
Little while later, mama came down to see what the smell of burning was, while daddy opened my bedroom door (right next to theirs) the whole top of my dresser was aflame as was the wall behind it.
This was a very close call. Daddy had already lost EVERYTHING they owned (before he married my mama) in a house fire.
Surprisingly, I wasn't punished (beaten or anything) I was thoroughly interrogated. I swear I blew out that candle.
This time we had insurance, and this paid not only for the repair but added wooden paneling over all the walls and ceiling tiles on the ceilings of the top two floor of our house, which was a big deal as there was no insulation nor vapor barrier in those walls, and the house was COLD in the winter.
Love your photos @qwerrie, post upvoted and I'm now following you

BTW... the bottom floor of our house was underground, a basement in S Ga at the time was unheard of. Concrete block, steel reinforced walls, ceiling and floors... sound familiar? Construction started in 1958, we moved in 1961... iow a fallout shelter.

fallout shelter!!! woa :==)

I have a similar story to tell, but perhaps its a smaller scale than yours.

as a child, I was a 'pyromaniac', I really loved to burn bonfires, candles, melted wax and sealing wax on fire, burned plasticine, etc. (by the way, now I teach my daughter to burn bonfires and not be afraid of fire).

so, once, when I was about 9 years old, I was left alone at home. I decided to have some fun watching at the burning newspaper - wisely I chose the kitchen sink as a “fireplace”: a safe place with water supply nearby, a fire is impossible! I got carried away, and at some point I heard the key in the front door: one of the adults returned home! In panic, I quickly eliminated the traces of my crime, blew on the newspaper, energetically waved it in the air until the fire went out, and ... where to hide the burned newspaper? the garbage canlooked like a bad option, burned paper would have been visible there. I didn’t have much time to look for a good place, and quickly put the remains of the newspaper into the far corner of the kitchen, under a chair, a nice secret place ... and proudly sneaked into my room. 5 minutes later I have heard from the kitchen my granny's heart-rending cry: WE'RE BURNING!!! FIRE!!! ... it turned out that it was under this chair that my granny was keeping a solid bag of medicinal herbs ... dried, wilted grass -- ideal material for starting a fire.

Such a story. I remember a little events from my childhood, but I remember this as if everything happened yesterday.