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Okay, so I've been earning with cryptocurrency for several years now. If you're looking to earn with cryptocurrency, then right here is the place to be.

To give you a bit of a backstory I've been playing around with Bitcoin since 2013. I started my journey in the tail end of the 2013 pump. Prices about then were on a slow decline from $1000 after the bubble, which would bottom out at $100 and leave most people's dreams in bits. Of course that was relatively short-lived as Bitcoin peaked at just under $20,000 per Bitcoin in December 2018.

Prices right now could be better. We sit in a bear market waiting for the next halvening to take place at around $7000 per bitcoin, and then prices should start to surge. So if you're reading this article at the end of 2019, or the first half of 2020 it's a good time to start collecting some bitcoin for later. When Bitcoin pumped last time I made a killing. I'll show you how you can do it too.

Okay, firstly you're going to want to get some Bitcoin. If you know how to get it already then you can skip this part. Bitcoin is like the gateway into the cryptocurrency world. It's the coin that can be traded for literally any other coin or token out there. If you have Bitcoin then you can just about buy anything related to crypto.

How to buy Bitcoin. It's easier than you think

If this was four years ago then you would be able to trade with other people easy and anonymously. Now, because the banks and the government have thrusted their presence into the sphere then you're going to need to complete a KYC check for whatever place you sign up for. KYC means Know Your Customer -- it's basically so that the powers that be can check up on you whenever they need to. Personally, I don't like it. I'm a Bitcoin purist in the sense that I think it should be traded freely and anonymously.

Alas, I am but a small cog in a massive machine. But I can certainly show you how to buy it by going through as little KYC as possible.

Local Bitcoins

You can pretty much buy Bitcoin safely and securely through this place, and how to do it is really straight forward. Every Bitcoin seller will have their terms in their advertisement. For instance, I get my Bitcoin via bank transfer -- so I am able to select one from all the advertisements that offer Bank Transfer.

Also, it's a really good idea to only pick the sellers with a huge amount of trades with at least 98%+ feedback. When you do this then chances are that your trade will be reputable and easy.

Some further tips:

  • Add a layer of authentication security. People are always looking to scam you out of your money
  • Work up a good rapport with your sellers. If you do, then some have preference trades where they will sell cheaper to their proffered buyers.
Got Bitcoin? Excellent. Let's get on with the show

Earn money with cryptocurrency - The easiest way

First on the list would be steemit.com. No need to do anything fancy; just produce something that's nice to see and you will earn money, well, crypto to be exact. Steemit is like a sort of artists philanthropy site. Kind of. I say kind of because the philanthropists get rewarded too.

earn money with steemit

How do you earn from steemit?

Are you good at writing articles? Are you good with drawing? Or taking photo's? Or whatever the case me be -- then sign up for a steemit profile and get going. It's like medium but has a little more scope than medium and it has several on-the-side chains that process different parts of the arts. For instance there's dtube and 3speak for people that like doing videos, and there's Appics for people that enjoy Instagram type apps. There's a whole range of them.

It's simple. Sign up, start earning. The platform is slightly different from any other one you've come across before so don't be thinking that it'll be the same. There's a bit of a learning curve attached to it but after a little while you'll be fine.

How do I earn?

Steemit is a bit like high school but with artists. You have to saddle up to those with big stake and make yourself known. That way when it comes to the crunch then you'll have people that will give you big upvotes, and big upvotes = lotsa cryptocurrency / cash.

Of course some people aren't blessed with the networking and people skills that I have so it may take them a bit of courage to reach out to just anyone. Shyness is real, as is anxiety. But the trick would be to just get yourself in a community in the first place. On Steemit, generally people don't vote on who they don't know, so pick a community that suits you and roll with it. Don't worry, they will come to you! And if you're any good, people will be fighting over you.

How much do I earn?

Realistically speaking this can be anywhere between nothing and thousands depending on how good you are. But there are communities out there supporting people that want to learn. There's something out there for everyone.

Apart from steemit.com there isn't really anywhere you can earn with no money and have some cryptocurrency in your wallet by the end of the day. But you DO have options. You CAN buy yourself a little Bitcoin and try supporting something. For instance:

Just Game - Think of it as an investment

Just Game is an excellent starter -- these guys here are the only other place that I know of that have the little man in mind. You see you'll have to be very cautious of the cryptocurrency world. People in there know how easy it is to lose money and there's nothing you can do about it. No banks or policemen to save you this time -- so you have to be super careful. Alas, just.game is a beezer of an investment.

Make no allusion here, it's called a game because there is a potential to lose some money in this thing but if you play it right then you'll be fine.

It's a game that's never been tried before. The potential of this game is incredible (and exciting) and it's why there's over 3 Million dollars of money's worth invested into the game already and we're only into the first week. Interested? If I were you, I would be.

earn money with cryptocurrency

The game is fairly simple if you read and understand their rules well - a link to the Wikipedia page can be found here. Please read these, I know there are people that don't, but please do. This will help you in the future.

  • You buy boxes. That is it. Each box can be bought for 25 Tron (trx).
  • When other people buy into the project then you get a royalty share of their buy in. Call it a trickle down effect
  • You can open your boxes for a 2x share in your current royalties. But if you own close to no royalties then you won't get much. Plus you can't take part in the glitch or any updates. You've opened them.
  • The last 100 people to invest get a 1% share in the total pot -- which it stands at least $10,000 per person and we've only just begun.
  • Every hour until the timer runs out there is a glitch. This happens when no-one buys in for a whole hour. Then tron (trx) is dropped on every box holder and there is a massive discount on the purchase of future boxes.
  • Every round that you play, you get a loyalty bonus. After the timer runs out then round 2 begins then you'll have a certain amount of loyalty credits that you can either withdraw or reinvest.
Some people are viewing this game as a get in / get out conquest, but if you keep reinvesting and growing then you could have the potential to work up A LOT of oomph :)

But hey! Due diligence please folks. This isn't financial advice and I certainly don't want you going off and remortgaging your house on my say so.

But it's certainly exciting and a lot of fun hoping to be the next guy with a lambo on the street.

Last but not least Freebitco.in

It's one of the easiest and oldest ways to earn yourself some free bitcoin. Don't count on it being huge amounts though, in fact it will be more than likely very little. But at the moment it will be a great way to test out your metal with a bit of free bitcoin whilst you're learning.

earn money with free bitcoin

What is it?

Well, it's really for everyone that's looking to earn money from cryptocurrency. Sites like these are actually quite good when there's a boom or a bubble. Especially if Bitcoin is at $20,000 a pop. Those cents you were earning before will have migrated into dollars. When the price of Bitcoin goes through the roof, as does the amount you earn.

Why have I given a site that earns very little?

To be fair, my friend, most places in the cryptocurrency world are geared up for investors and people that are willing to pump your project full of money. There are very, very few places that you can earn something for nothing. This is one of the last remaining few of them. I promise you that.

Also, when you get skilled at departing this site of it's bitcoin then you'll find there are many more sites like this that give away small, free amounts of bitcoin. Under a massive pump then you will see that earning money with bitcoin isn't that hard.

Massive pump?

Every so many years the difficulty of Bitcoin halves sending the prices of the coins through the roof. It's basically every so often they become rarer and rarer and less easy to get. And as our value in most things seem to be eternally decreasing, bitcoin is something that gets rarer and more valuable as it ages.

Use due diligence, and don't just see dollar signs and pump into anything

I've been around the cryptocurrency world for at least six years now, and one thing that I've learned wholeheartedly is that if it seems too good to be true then it generally is. Don't get fooled by these doublers, and investments that promise you a solid return. Bitcoin is finite. You need to remember that. Every coin in a currency has a cap. And if there are a thousand people taking a thousand coins daily then there will eventually be an upper limit.

Be smart!

Posted a moment ago via my awesome blog, here: https://wealthcitizen.com/earn-money-with-cryptocurrency/

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Excellent post @raymondspeaks. I also mine Electroneum on my phone. If you have a phone or a tablet, you can mine that way. If you have old phones you don't use any more, you can still mine crypto on them. You don't make much, but it's tiny amounts. Still, it's something.

Also, Brave browser allows you to earn BAT just by turning ads on. And it's a lot faster browser than Chrome because it blocks on-page ads, which slow down load speed. Then you turn on Brave ads and get paid.

Nicely added! I forgot to add Brave & Electroneum :)

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