Unfolding the blunt approach

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The blunt approach

In our present age, I believe this is an underrated style of handling issues especially conflicts. The blunt approach is more like "systematically beating around the bush" — It is rationally used by reasonable humans who lack an ounce of emotional thinking. You know, beating around the bush is all about delaying or dragging a situation without going straight to the core. But there is a reason I love this approach after watching an oversight of how effective it is.

What I love about the blunt approach is that it reflects your maturity in a way it would always leave people stunned on your unpredicted reaction. When people think your response will pan out in hostility or leniency but surprisingly it goes the opposite way.

The blunt approach works relatively with our response to situations. How we respond to things somewhat defines our personality, character, maturity and behaviour. The blunt approach is a word I coined myself just to describe a character I loved from a movie.

Let me share the story

A guy in his mid 40's lost his family at the age of 17. He struggled with education and survival. Along the way he met a man who out of compassion took him in, sheltered him, fed and clothed him. The occupation of the man was the business of a loan shark.

Days became weeks and weeks became months and months became years. Having acquired some level of education, the man absorbed the guy into his business and taught him all he needed to know. After some time he transferred the management of the business to the guy and stepped down.

Knowing fully well that this kind of business needed a degree of thuggery, he obtained a monsterious character that couldn't leave him later in the future. He only exacted such behaviours on defaulters who arrogantly failed to pay back their debts.

As fate would have it, he encountered a defaulter who couldn't pay back his debt, to cut the long story short he fell in love with the daughter of this particular defaulters. Normally in business, you don't mix pleasure with business but in the case of this defaulter he willfully wrote off his debt after he saw his younger self in a trance in the lendee's daughter.

He saw her struggling in her academics. Due to his wealth, he developed a special penchant towards the girl, he sponsored her education and made sure she got the best in life and lacked nothing. Later on, at first it was hard to kindle a relationship between them due to the age difference and wealth of this guy but what paved the way was his honesty and simplicity and everything kicked started immediately the spark began to glow.

Unfortunately, after his 17th birthday he never had a shred of luck with happiness. Nothing like smile tarried long on his rosy cheeks. It's either the other party loses the excitement and ends things between them or someone likes the same thing he likes and snatches it away.

Now after a long while he had someone he finally loved, who inspired him to strive hard to be great, who made him pushed his limits to resign as a manager of a loan shark venture into establishing his own successful firm from the scratch.

To cut the long story short he lost the girl because another person liked her and made their relationship stumble but what amazed me was his reaction to three unforgivable acts

  1. The other guy slept with his girlfriend when they were still dating.
  2. The other guy tried to ruin his life by destroying his company in secret.
  3. And lastly the girl's unfaithfulness and ungratefulness.


I don't know the right words to use to describe his response but to each ill act, his response was prudent, meek, disciplined, wise, honest, principled, qualitative in anger, witty and patient that it left his girlfriend and girlfriend snatcher in a remorseful and regretful state.

He was good at combining these characters into one, it formed something unique; the blunt approach which was inspiring to me.

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beautiful text post , thank for sharing super info in style of story

Thanks for reading.