Shadow challenge. My shot for the challenge(true shadow)

in hive-179017 •  3 months ago 

I sat and saw this with great shape as the shadow reflect to the ground. Just the shape of something.
You looking at it what does it loon like or what do you think is the object behind this shadow.

Just another shot of same image and shadow looking at it from another point of view.


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Wonderful and very interesting Shadow Photo..!!
I'm guessing it's a Chair 😊.
Thank you for entering the Shadow photo contest.

Almost at it. Nice guessing

how are you dear friend @iyimoga good afternoon
What a magnificent shadow you have found, you are a great hunter. excellent shots. Congratulations
Thank you very much for showing us your hunting
have a beautiful afternoon

Thank you very much @jlufer you are a wonderful friend.

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Thank you very much @melinda010100
I will definitely follow. Once more thank you.

What an interesting shadow! I'll be waiting for you to tell us what it is! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

That’s looks like a fancy shadow.
What is the object casting it???
Have a great day ahead.