Shadow Hunters Contest - round 136 entry

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This may not be everybody's cup of tea. Images of bugs may not be favourite. Howerver I saw this one òn a sunny day walking on the windowsill and casting its shadow. I had several photos, which I will use for another post. This one is but specially for the contest - Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 136 WIN PRIZES.


The bug raised one front leg and the posture reminded me a runner just preparing at the start line. Or, this is just my imagination.

To be honest I thought at first some grasshopper have reached my balcony, but the closer look showed it is some kind of a shield bug.

True to myself I can't miss not to do some edit. This time it is with water reflection.


Wishing you all wonderful day!



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Wow! Fantastic shadow! I love the edit, too! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

I couldn't miss this bug and when I saw its shadow, that was clear that I have my shadowphoto.😀

Really great capture! Many people would have just swatted it away!

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Excellent shadow photo of a bug sunbathing 🌞😎..!!
Once and awhile I'll find one basking in the sun on my kitchen counter.
Thank you for participating in the shadow photo contest.

Thank you @annephilbrick!
They are everywhere these stinky bugs, aren't they?
I am glad they are less this year.

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Hello dear friend @nelinoeva good night
What an imposing shadow, it is incredible that something so small casts such a large shadow. Excellent shot, I really appreciate that you taught us
have a wonderful night

Thank ypu so much for your nice comment.
Indeed small things can cast big shadows. I am glad you like my bug and its shadow. 😀

Excellent shot dear friend @nelinoeva very well achieved.
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Very nice catch!! Very fast reflex!!

Thank you! 😀

WOW , that shadow makes him look scary and enormous a very cool shadow 😅

Well, it may look scary, but lucky bug has escaped before having close encounter with any of the cats.😀

Haha , little rascal would of had fun with it 😅

Woohoo that’s a clear and dark shadow.
You are right images of bugs and insects are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially not mine. 😂
Wonderful picture and efforts in cutting them.
Have a great day ahead.

Thank you, glad you appreciate it even though you don't like them bugs. 😀
By the way I did not like them before either. I began to like them when I made my first macro shots and discover how amazing some of them are.

That makes you more awesome than you already are. 😎✨

Aww, how sweet, thank you 😀❤

Haha! Yes, it looks like it was trying to make a muscle for the photoshoot!💪

We call this insect a stink bug and I'm just glad it isn't a cockroach, Neli! Regardless of its proper name, awesome shadow photo!

Good luck in the contest! @nelinoeva🌹

Glad you find it amusing, Nina. 😀
Yes, it is a stinker, although the common ones I usually see are short legged and mainly green.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Big thank you!

You captured an amazing shadow of the bug Neli.

Thanks Jo, it was a patient bug and wasn't in a hurry.

Very nice photo of shadow!

Thank you very much, glad you like my shadow photo.

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