Sparrow and the shadow

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This is my entry for Shadow Hunters Contest Round 135.
Here is the link - Shadow Hunters Contest, run by @melinda010100.

I have been busy looking up in search of birds, but thankfully some have lovely shadows on the ground, like this sparrow.


The sunny days continue in September and I keep on reminding myself to make more shadow photos. It would be good to be prepared for the long winter days.

I thought again to make some transformation of the image. I did some using different apps.

This one is made with Deep Dream Generator.


And then I continued with MirrorLab.


Let's put some colour with Lunapic.


I will never have enough when I begin to manipulate the images. But I will stop now, because this post is about shadows.

Finally I decided my entry to be the first photo.


Thank you for viewing.

If you like to share your thoughts you can leave a comment.



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Wonderful and lovely bird Shadow photo !!
Little sparrows are most precious 🤗💕.
Thank you for entry in the Shadow Photo contest.

Thank you so much! ❤

The picture and the shadow is so beautiful.
Wonderful capture.
Have a great day ahead.

They are cute, aren't they? 😀
Thank you for stopping by!

after a Long time i saw sparrow, nice photograph, need to prevent this bird, hope we all care of it.

Thank you kindly.

hello dear friend @nelinoeva good night
What beautiful photographs you present to us on this occasion, beautiful editions, I appreciate them very much
Thank you very much for showing us these beautiful images
have a wonderful night

Thank you very much for your nice and kind comment.
I am so happy that you like them. 😀
Have a wonderful day!

there is nothing to thank dear friend @nelinoeva I loved your images
Have a wonderful afternoon. Successes

Sweet sparrow!

Thank you! 😀

Nicely done, @nelinoeva! You know shadows of our #featheredfriends are a favorite and this sparrow shadow and all your edits are delightful! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

I am happy I have caught the shadow of the little birdie.
Thank you for all your support, Melinda! ❤

Mirrorlab picture is outstanding! 👍

Thank you 😀
Glad you like it.

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