Have A Seat Or Rake The Yard

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My entry to #shadowhunters created and hosted by the generous and helpful @melinda010100. Check her post Here for more information on the contest.

Melinda’s contest of the shadow photos and #featheredfriends have been two of my favorite contests since beginning on the blockchain.

The shadow of a chair and leaf rake beside the barn. This is the shadow one for the contest.


Chair shadow


The same chair with the leaf rake beside it.


In closing a flower from last summer. #alwaysaflower is hosted @dswigle.

The elusive Lady Slippers are the provincial flower of PEI. The perennial orchid looks like a slipper - hence the name.


Check Here if you would like to read information on the Lady Slipper.

I hope everyone is keeping well and sane during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 in our history.

Animated Banner Created By @zord189


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Nice and crisp shadows 😘

Thanks Freya @frejalovisa!

Love those very clear shadows against that lovely textured rock wall @redheadpei I read you heading "Have A Seat Or Rake The Yard" and I thought you were literally giving us the option to 'have a seat' or 'rake the yard.' My choice would be to have a seat and watch someone else rake the yard. 😀

Haha Trudee, I think most would choose your option.

Thanks for always being a supportive friend.❤️

I'll take a seat, thanks. But that rake and the potential it represents might make me a bit nervous...

Nice photographs. Very nice. Lady Slipper is entirely exotic to me, I don't recall ever seeing one...

Haha @bigtom13 the rake does look threatening . The Lady slippers are hard to grow and they pop up here in small openings in the forest.

Great shadows! That's your barn? I love that field stone construction. It shows off your shadows nicely!
I haven't seen any lady slippers in years. Those are particularly beautiful!

Thanks Melinda @melinda010100. Yes, it is a small barn and doesn't contain any farm animals. We had it build. Hubby brought me the red rocks and I mortared them on the front. Don’t think I could take on that project again.😊

Lady Slippers are always a pleasant surprise when they pop up in the woods.

That makes it even more beautiful knowing you built that rock wall yourself! I'm impressed.

Just keep the rake upright, best for shadows and avoiding stepping on it :-)

For sure @sketch.and.jam! Keep that rake away from me too.😊

Great photos Joanne. Thanks for sharing

Thanks Rob and for your kind support.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 5 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!