Another Day of Hustle

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         Here we are in January again. It's the errand time of the year for me. I was up by seven o'clock this morning and I didn't get home until closer to four o'clock in the afternoon.

         It's a run consisted of routine errands such as grocery shopping. Then, mix in annual check-ins such as emissions testing and whatnot. This year, I had the opportunity to do some leg work due to some changes in the insurance policy.

         To give some context, I was anywhere from Salt Lake City to as far south as Salem during the day. Take a look at it on a map of Utah and you'll get an idea. Despite the distance, I was glad the view in Salem was refreshing. It was a typical country view with cows and fields. No, I didn't take a picture because something happened.

         While I was going through the checklist, an unfortunate event took place. I dropped my phone by accident and the screen shattered. Lucky for me, getting a new phone was actually on the list of to-do today.

phone shatter.jpg

         Poor iPhone 6. You have been there with me since summer of 2015. The good news was, I was due for an upgrade anyways. So, this was actually somewhat convenient.

         I managed to make it to my carrier's store in Provo. But, it turned out they were having some technical issues for the day. So, I had to go to another store location on my way back to Salt Lake.

         I winded up with an iPhone XR.

phone xr.jpg

         Fun fact: XR doesn't stand for anything. I can't remember the last time those letters meant anything.

         Okay, SE definitely stood for special edition. Other than that, most of the letters for other models weren't meant to have meanings behind them.

         Anyways, I got my brick of a phone and started to return home. Not after some grocery shopping, of course. When I finally got home, I spent some time putting back all my 2FA on my new device. It was a time consuming process, but I got it done.

         My day didn't end there. I had an extra short shift later in the evening. The overtime kind. By the time I finally got home for good, it was closer to one o'clock in the morning.

         Instead of going to bed, what do I do? I wrote this nonsensical post about stuff nobody cares about. It is the true blogger's way. Alas, even the true Steem way.

         Anyhow, this has gone on long enough. Take care.

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