ULog#40: Before the Holidays

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         We are coming in near the end of the year. This year went by so fast, I felt like I hardly lived in the moment. Before I go on holidays, I would like to write down some things. I will definitely be around, but I would rather spend the time with family.

In Life

         I'm not gonna lie, I haven't spent much time decorating. To be frank, I find it tedious and annoying. But, I do appreciate some level of holiday atmosphere. What I'm saying is, I have all the lights up, but not the tree. How lame, right? Have no fear! The tree will go up tonight now I actually have free time and off work.

         Besides family's and friends' dinners, the only thing I have planned is do nothing. Well, I suppose I will watch some college bowl games that I care about.

hawaii bowl.PNG

cotton bowl.PNG

         Of course, I will check out the national championship game as well. I haven't been watching NCAA Men's Basketball at all, so I will have to give it a pass this holiday. Most of the times, I don't start watching until conference plays anyways.

On Steem

         So...when are we gonna find out more about STINC selling out? Is it going to be another Samsung hoax? Regardless, it looks like things are moving along with testing SMT features.

         I'm getting pretty close to 10K SP, not sure how much further I want to go. Then again, I said that last time about going past 5K and look what happened? This place sucks the money out of you. Run away. Now! Before it's too late!

         Chances are, I will keep accumulating a bit like I do with assets I plan on keeping. If STEEM doesn't recover in price? Well, acceptable loss.

         Anyhow, got lots to do before Christmas, so I will have to cut this short.

         Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. I will rendezvous around New Year's.

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Festive knickknacks surround me. The tree’s up and decorated by merrier people than me. All I did was bring it up from the garage. I’ll do my part, raiding the cookies.

I fully support the raiding.

You are the opposite of me. I have the tree up, but no lights this year. They take too long to put up outside and I don't feel like being cold that long. Plus they are too much work to take down. Have a good Christmas and I hope Santa brings you lots of cool things.

I only have lights inside. I couldn't be bothered to put them up outside either (besides paying for extra electricity).

I hope you have a good one as well!

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