NuagSnap - 全球各地區指數現時全部反彈轉升, 是好是壞?

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也有谷歌,蘋果,Facebook 等科技巨鯨以強勁的科技研發力給市民提供及時資訊。




美國政府多管齊下救市,實質造成的影響仍未顯現。但股市反應 smart money 開始部署增持優質公司股份。


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What does this mean?

I did try translating the title, but I'm still puzzled.

It looks like there's hexadecimal, is something encoded there?

I have no idea at all what to think of the first line.

Seems to get the votes though...

hi, it was a blog post of my view on the current econ situation.
There was a problem posting through some api. Fixed now.
The api was having trouble parsing the content.
It was good and readable on another platform, not so sure about why it turns to gibberish here on peakd.

That makes sense.

I wonder if it's compressed or something. Maybe that other platform is transforming the data on its way from the blockchain to the UI, and vice versa.

I've done a bit of work on a frontend application myself, and I've considered using compression for posts/comments. It would keep RC costs down, and perhaps encourage use of the frontend or compression scheme, but I digress.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Stay safe out there!