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Dancing is my PASSION
Dancing is my First LOVE💕 💕💃💃

I Always qoute :


Every morning I used to dance as my daily warm up.
I do this for 10 to 15 minutes before I go to the main work out.
I used TIKTOK to search for new dance challenge.
It is very accomplishing once I do one of dance challenge in a day.

I choose this RUEDA DANCE CHALLENGE because I just like the beat, and easy to do the steps.You can do it too.

TIKTOK a day, makes my stress away 🥰

Thank you for watching my daily #ulog-tiktok

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Super cute.

Hehe thanks po, stress reliever ko po yan

Thanks po, maliit na bagay 😁

Ayeiii type din ni grandma mag dance hahaha pa guide...

This was fun to watch, excellent!

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very cool..keep it up my dear

Thanks for your appreciation, ill do better next time. 😊

This is a beautiful work dancing girl, congratulations, regards from Venezuela.

Thanks for your appreciation, I love dancing, and this is my passion 😊

Very cute. Very fun. Good work.

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Galing naman! happy to see may nag tiktok na sa hive 😁