Timing Is A Very Important Factor For Your Business

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You think that's a great idea to start a business and launch the product. The thing is, you are not going to buy your products. Your customers will buy products or services. So what do they think about your products or services?

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Sometimes you cannot do very well only because of timing. People are not prepared to buy those products. Maybe after 10 or 20 years, they will need that product or services. If you launch that now, you will not get a good response.

Let's watch this video. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you very much for watching the video.

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Timing is very important... Sometimes we have an idea that is way before "its time" and you have to wait to get some of your investments for more time... As you have to "educate" your customers before, and build the "niche" or "industry"...

But, on the other side, you just can be unlucky and start your business in bad financial and economic surroundings... I have done something similar when I expanded my business just before the big crisis in 2008... lol... It was a big failure, and it was directly connected with the global economic crisis...

When it's an economic crisis, that's not under your control. The only thing you can do is to adjust and make some changes to minimize the loss. Thank you my friend for sharing your experience. :)