Mr. Friendly

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Mr. Friendly lives outside and is one very happy cat. Always meets us when we go for a walk and tries to rub against Penny, my dog. Penny, on the hand is not happy to interact with the cat.

Here, he just got some munch. Yummy.




One night I caught him on the top of some car.


He saw me and slid down.





The he followed us around the block. This is probably the friendliest cat I have ever seen.

Happy and sunny Caturday!


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He is so lovely!

Aww, he is so sweet.

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He's a really pretty cat... and it also looks like he's pretty well fed and taken care of. Nice that he's friendly... dogs don't always know what to do with a friendly cat. Strange, isn't it?


He is very cute and very playful. We are few people who take care of the cats outside. But this one is my favourite.

the cat is looking he love the cars be careful that he does not destroy it

I have seen him sitting on the cars not very ofthen, hope he will not be so naughty.
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How beautiful and cute and very unusual 😸