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How about we talk about excellence from an alternate edge!

We have our criteria for judging a woman's beauty. We look at the beauty of a lady from a certain angle and then pass observations on whether she's beautiful or not. That is not reasonable. Let me tell each lady that she is one of a kind and delightful.

The beauty industry is booming everywhere. Women spend much of their time and money buying beauty products. Even in the underdeveloped countries, women living below the poverty line buy cheaper beauty products that damage their skin more than good.

Every woman's right to be beautiful is fundamental. All women want to hear the sweet words You're beautiful. But a woman's beauty is far from her appearance or figure. Physical excellence is only a perspective, while a lovely enchanting character is a finished blend of numerous delightful highlights like great habits, manners, conduct, grin, insight, comical inclination, social and family esteems, and so on., all make an excellent and alluring lady.

Didn't you know there's a clear difference between an expensive, carefully woven Persian carpet and a cheap machine-made carpet? Both cannot be assimilated. A beautiful woman is like an elegant Persian carpet with knots at hand. Each silky and colorful thread of her character, beautifully intertwined in her personality, gives a woman eternal beauty and attraction.

Appearance is very important, but a person's characteristics are much more important. In addition to taking care of your physical beauty, why not think about improving your inner beauty. The beauty that everyone admires becomes a rare commodity these days. On the way to a beauty salon, you continue to think of ways to improve your inner beauty.

Fare thee well and deal with your internal magnificence. You're an excellent individual.

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Definitely. I read twice to understand:)

Love this perspective and that photograph is what caught my eyes and induced me to read this post. When I was a much younger girl I used to think that when someone told me that I was pretty on the inside it was like a consolation prize for not being one of the pretty girls. That's a hard pill to swallow in high school though. As I have grown older and have gained a great deal of life experience I do understand and agree that outer beauty does not tell the whole story. I also have a wonderful marriage to a man who values me for all of me and reinforces what I know to be true.

Lucky you and nice to hear that, thank you for sharing this personal experience.