The healthful value of Herbs!

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The plants that grow in the fields, forests, and meadows, numerous herbs have healthful value. In this natural green pharmacy we find remedies for colds and coughs, diseases of the heart and nervous system, stimulate the healing process of wounds and ulcers, and also the treatment of other skin diseases. Many of them are used as hemostatic, which improves appetite and normalizes the stomach, liver, kidneys, heart, and blood vessels.

The healing properties of herbal plants depend on the active ingredients synthesized by plants of inorganic substances in soil, water, carbon dioxide, and air under the influence of light energy. These biologically active substances occur during the life of plants and accumulate in their bodies. These are chemical compounds that have specific physiological and pharmacological effects on the animal body that can restore and normalize the patient’s process or disease.

The healing power of plants has been known to humanity since ancient times. Herbal medicine was and is the most important treatment in popular medicine. The growing era of industrial contamination of the biosphere, the frequent use of antibiotics, the chemical synthesis of drugs led to an increase in allergic diseases, medical complications, the reduction of the human immune system. All these factors contribute to the growing interest in the use of herbs in medical practice.

The use of medicinal plants is important for treatment. Since biologically active substances are complex chemical structures, their production is expensive and time-consuming, and these plant substances are easy to distinguish. Herbal drugs have no side effects, including allergic reactions, which are common today. Science can not only expand the range of therapeutic plants but also implement the health of all new species.

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Right on @globetrottergcc i am a herbalist so it is nice to see things like this posted.

Good for you, thank you for stopping by, would like to learn from you regarding herbs :)

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Great post 😀👍 Nature has a solution to all things... 💡

Thank you for stopping by.

There are several instances where I have chosen herbal remedies over pharmaceuticals to cure what ailed me.

Herbs won't harm, have no side effects, you're doing great :)

Thanks, @globetrottergcc! Have a great day! 😀

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