Emancipation Park Kingston, Jamaica ( Travel from home)

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The Sculpture that greets you at the entrance of Emancipation Park known as "Redemption Song" represents the triumphant rise from the ills of the slave trade and the making of an independent nation with its roots in Africa.

Hey, join me on a virtual trip. Soon we will be able to do that through our posts and VR I believe, for now, just imagine.

Emancipation Park Kingston, Jamaica

Emancipation Park is a public park in Kingston, Jamaica. It is in the heart of the new city known as New kingston which is one of the only places you can find high rise buildings in Jamaica besides downtown kingston, the heart of commerce. I was here a few years ago and was impressed how well the grounds are kept and how much people enjoy the space.

The six acre park was opened on July 31st in 2002 which was the day before Emancipation day. It was built under the governance of the Prime Minister P.J. Patterson. The park symbolizes the end of slavery and the start of a new journey for Jamaica, one of independence and growth.

The bronze sculpture of a man and a woman looking at the sky, that greets you at the entrance of the park is known as "Redemption song" and was named after the popular Bob Marley song. It was created by Laura Facey who is a Jamaican contemporary artiste. It was revealed in July 2003, just in time for the first anniversary of the park. Interestingly, once the sculpture was revealed, many began to call the park "penis park" as all is revealed in the sculptures. 😂

The park also pays homage to Jamaica's African roots by using Adrinkra symbols on the fence, walls, benches and even on the garbage receptacles. This is thanks to the architect, Kamau Kambui.

The Jamaican quadrille also called the bandana skirt. The last time I went to the park these ladies willingly posed for a picture. It was a long time since I have seen the Jamaican traditional dress but thanks to the park and events held there, I was able to see these ladies representing the Jamaican traditional culture.

The park is used by individuals daily to get their jog or walk on. Many people also just relax and indulge in the beauty of the greenery around. It is also a cultural space for events and saw Kanye West's Church service being held there in October 2019 which came under much controversy due it its business dealings with merchandise bearing Jamaican Symbolic images.

The space is also the site of many traditional showcases and helps to keep the culture of Jamaica alive. Live music, dance showcases, festivals, movie viewings and more all take place in the park. It is also the perfect meet up spot for many who go outing in the area.

It is a pleasure to walk around Emancipation Park as the grass stays green, well kept and tropical plants abound. If I remember correctly the path is also made of robbery pavement like material so it is easy on the body. I am really glad this space was created as Jamaica was lacking parks.


Near by the park there are some international hotels such as the Pegasus and the Hilton. There are many others as well that just opened up. This photo was taken from the Liguanea Club, which is a members only sports and recreational spot with eight tennis courts, six squash courts, swimming pool, a gym, thirty eight guest rooms, meeting rooms, events facilities, restaurant, bar and more.


In the background of the photo above you can see a stage to the left. It is a really decent size space where a lot can be done. I only wish they had more activities for children at the park like swings and slides but I guess it is not that kind of park. Just playing in the fields with friends is enough for kids to be grateful for as there aren't many parks in Kingston. Those palm trees really gives the space an estate feel. Is that good or bad? Doesn't matter as it represents Jamaica.

Imagine walking here with family and friends? Go ahead, do it:)

Here is the location on google maps.

Screen Shot 20200506 at 10.32.31 AM.png

Screen Shot 20200506 at 10.32.49 AM.png

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Nice photos, it seems like a beautiful and quiet park. Those statues in the fountain are very interesting! 😎

It is. I wish they had more like it in across Jamaica. Yeah the statutes are cool, next time I’ll get a better shot 😅

Beautiful park and so rich in meaning

Indeed, I just researched. Blogging brings so much knowledge hehee. Thanks for popping by.

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