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Today i a took a stroll down westend i was blessed once more to witness a beautiful evening and a beautiful sunset during this pandemic caused by coronovirus 20200507_183443.jpg
as i share these pictures with everyone today i want people to know that we will come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before and witness the beauty of nature this world has to offer 20200507_183639.jpg
There is something of witnessing a sunset that mere words cannot describe it brings a sense of peace a sense of calm to know that life is a journey . that life is a cycle and that after every sunset there is a sunrise after darkness there is always light after every bad that happens there is always good..
thank you for your attention
with regards
shaun bhatija (iriegiftshop)

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Certainly is a beautiful time at sunset. It looks so peaceful.
I like your sentiments for being stronger.

thank you and how are you doing ? and if u dont mind me asking what ur name and where are you from ?

Hello there :)

I'm Shani, I'm in the UK, I live about 100 miles north of London. I'm very well, thank you, but not sleeping, I'm not sure why!

ok thats great its nice to hear back from you so how come u awake at this time hope i did not wake u up